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Custom Nutrient Consulting – Custom Cannabis Nutrients

“So far the plants have responded so much better to your program then any other bottled nutrients I have fed before!” – Justin Givens, Sacramento, CA

“I want to tell people how awesome your nutrients are! I have 300 LED flower lights and I’m saving $9000 per month on nutrients and getting better yields than with I did with Advanced.” – Vic Ta, Los Angeles, CA

Mature Cannabis Flowers

Citrus Cream, bred by Jennifer Martin

It’s absolutely true that you can grow your healthiest most productive plants ever AND save a ton of money in the process by making your own cannabis nutrient fertilizer recipes and formulas. Even better, you can keep dialing in your custom cannabis nutrient formula until it can’t get any more perfect through the use of leaf and flower tissue tests. I will teach you how.

Cannabis requires 13 essential minerals in the root zone in order to thrive, and these minerals need to be present in the right quantities and proportions in the root zone. When they are balanced, the plants will show it. Here is a picture of some plants grown only with the 13 essential cannabis plant nutrient minerals, using one of our custom nutrient formulas.

custom cannabis nutrients

Savings Associated with Mixing Your Own Cannabis Nutrients

If you are a commercial cannabis cultivator, nothing is more important than cutting costs and improving quality. These are the two keystones to success and profits in any industry. Back when lbs. were worth $4000 it was easy to justify the high prices of bottled branded nutrients, but in this ever-more-competitive oversupplied market, growers need to learn to mix their own cannabis nutrients. Not only does it cut nutrient costs by 90%, but it gives you control over plant health in a whole new way.

As a commercial marijuana grower in the gray market in years past, I always assumed that nutrient companies knew best what should be in each formula, and that popular formulas must contain some kind of special sauce. After years of lab analysis of both branded cannabis nutrients and the plants grown from them, I was shocked to find that not even the most expensive or most popular nutrient brands were an ideal match for the unique nutrient uptake patterns of the cannabis plant.

I found some marijuana nutrient lines that were poorly designed, some that had really bad batch consistency, and some that appeared to have both problems. None of them would work well unless plants got flushed way too frequently.

In addition to that, it’s only in the very recent past that laboratories have started testing cannabis plant material, so most commercial marijuana nutrient formulas were designed for general use, rather than specifically for cannabis; the designers didn’t actually know what cannabis specifically wanted. Now we can find out much more about what cannabis plants want, and we can mix our own nutrient formulas to get the best possible results. ​

Jennifer MartinI offer custom nutrient consulting services for making your own mineral salt nutrient regimens. I charge a flat rate to provide you with a list of ingredients to purchase, cveg/flower/ripen recipes, along with mixing instructions. I will then see you through the process of making and applying the nutrients, testing the cannabis plant leaf tissue, and adjusting the formulas if necessary, to get everything dialed in. The whole process takes about 6 months and is really enjoyable, informative and satisfying.


If you’d like to try my best formulas for veg, coco flowering and rockwool flowering, have a look at my website for cannabis nutrients for home growers.

Interested in knowing the contents of some well known commercial formulas out there? We at Cultivation Sector Consulting lab tested several of them, and here are the results. It’s amazing how different they are:

For the Macro Elements, here is a more extensive analysis: