New Jersey Cannabis Cultivation License – Application Template Set


Are you applying for one of the 37 competitive New Jersey cannabis cultivation licenses in in 2021? We have created a template set that matches up with New Jersey cannabis regulations and application requirements.

It includes document templates for the following New Jersey cannabis license application sections:

  • New Jersey Cultivation Operating Plan – Includes applicant experience, good agricultural practices, quality control and assurances, recall plans, packaging and labeling, inventory control, cannabis testing, water management practices, odor mitigation, record keeping, strain varieties/genetics, pest control and disease management, nutrient and pesticide usage, and waste disposal plans.
  • New Jersey Environmental Impact Plan
  • New Jersey Safety & Security Plan – Includes use of security personnel, qualifications, alarm systems, video surveillance systems, access & visitor management systems, drawings, plans for storage of cannabis, diversion prevention, emergency management, background check system, cybersecurity procedures, workplace safety plans, adverse events, and sanitation practices.

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Give Your New Jersey Cultivation Application a Huge Boost with NJ Cannabis Cultivation Licensing Templates 2021

Application templates are documents that make it much easier to put together a competitive New Jersey cultivation application. We have filled these documents with industry standard cannabis operations information, along with policy citations from New Jersey cannabis cultivation regulations.

Need Help Getting Started with Your New Jersey Cultivation Application in 2021? 

This document template set will save you hundreds of hours preparing your application!

The State of NJ is granting 37 competitive cannabis cultivation licenses in 2021. These New Jersey cannabis cultivation license applications will be scored, compared and judged against each other to determine the winners by the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission. Qualified applicants must be New Jersey residents, have no conflicts of interest, a clean criminal record (certain less serious offenses might not be disqualifying), and sufficient funding (think in the millions).

If  you have all of these qualifications, the next step is creating a competitive application document set. That’s where we come in.

Being a New Jersey cultivation license applicant is a great opportunity, but will be very expensive and complicated. We don’t want you to be intimidated, but we do want you to be realistic. This is a high-stakes, high-dollar competitive process.


Illinois Cannabis Grower Consultant

Jennifer Martin – Commercial Cannabis Expert

My name is Jennifer Martin and I’ve been working on cannabis industry documents and application materials since 2016. At heart, I’m a commercial grower, and I wish it were easy to legally set up shop anywhere and just grow cannabis plants for a living. Unfortunately though, states are generally making it difficult to get a cannabis cultivation license, and has been especially true in New Jersey. Fortunately, that is beginning to change.

The licensing requirements for adult-use have not yet been fully published, but if we rely on what NJ has done in the past with the medical cannabis licensing program, licensing requirements will be on par with some of the toughest application competitions around the country.

Fortunately, if you don’t want a large-scale license, or if you don’t win the competitive round of licensing, you can always open a microbusiness of 10 employees or less.

Over time, the regulations will liberalize for larger cannabis businesses, but for now, we estimate that 400 hours of time will be required to put into gathering and organizing your cannabis application materials. With the cultivation license templates we sell here, we believe we’ve reduced your workload by at least 300 hours.


The Four Pillars of Winning a Competitive NJ Cannabis License Application

      • Have a Strong Team – The biographies, work experience and educational backgrounds of your executive team and its advisors are critical to showing the State of NJ that you have the experience to succeed as a cannabis cultivation license holder.
      • Have a Facility Location Pinned Down – The State of NJ wants to grant cannabis licenses to people who are likely to succeed as commercial cultivators. This means you should have permission from the city, own or have a long-term lease with the owner, have written proof that the owner is fully informed about your cannabis production plans, and show that you have access to adequate utility service.
      • Have Solid Financial Backing – No cannabis business can survive without adequate investment capital. Building a cannabis production facility costs at least $300 per square foot if you invest in reliable environmental control systems. Plus, you need to pay employees and development costs for at least 9 months before cultivation income starts covering your operating costs.
      • Submit a Complete, Well Organized Application – The cannabis regulators of any state are just like other humans; they like it when things are easy. Because of this, your application should be as orderly, complete and succinct as possible, as well as perfectly within their guidelines and expectations.

New Jersey Cultivation License Application Planning

Before the application guidelines are published, all we know for sure is that you’ll be required to have a properly zoned location, sufficient financing, relevant experience, and 3 major operating plans- A New Jersey Cannabis Cultivation Plan, a New Jersey Cannabis Security Plan and a New Jersey Environmental Sustainability Plan (page not yet created, but coming soon!).

We are currently in the process of putting these New Jersey cannabis cultivation application documents together for you. We anticipate having them ready in June 2021.


    • Note: It’s very important to have an attorney or compliance expert review all of your documents before you submit! You will be competing against many other applicants who have experience obtaining competitive cannabis cultivation licenses in other states, and against high-power legal teams. We try our best to include everything that’s important, but we cannot be held liable for mismatches between the details of these documents and New Jersey cannabis regulations.



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