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Jennifer Martin - Cannabis Consultant

I’m Jennifer Martin, one of the country’s most experienced commercial cannabis consultants. I help up-and-coming cannabis projects plan properly and hit the ground running. My job is to explain potential costs and pitfalls to you, and how to avoid them, so your project can be one of the few success stories in this newly burgeoning legal industry.

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I’ve redesigned my own grow operations over 50 times since the early 90s, trying every cultivation method from deep water culture to coco to rockwool to organic soil. And in the past 5 years, I’ve advised on and designed dozens of licensed indoor commercial cannabis facilities across the US, ranging in size from 5000 to 50,000 square feet. With an eye on operational efficiency at one extreme, and world-class boutique quality at the other, I’ve found some excellent ways to produce easy-to-sell top shelf cannabis.

Vertical Grow Facility Layout

Vertical LED Grow Room

My approach to creating a cannabis clone or flower production facility is a mixture of economic, scientific and artistic sensibilities. I don’t stick to one ideology; I root clones and grow mother plants in rockwool with salt-based custom nutrients, and I flower plants under LEDs in beds of organic custom-blended soil. I use lab data in conjunction with basic observational plant sense to determine watering rates, light intensity, nutrient levels and pruning schedules. Yes, it would be great to automate everything, but when a product is worth $1500 per pound or more, and the market is way oversupplied, I think it’s still worth it to exercise some degree of customized plant treatment in order to ensure excellent results.


After more than 20 years successfully competing as a wholesale cultivator in Northern California’s medical marijuana industry, and in addition to honing my skills managing multiple facilities and crews, I’ve also learned how the post-production market works. This includes what sells and what doesn’t, how to pace supply, how to assess quality and potential popularity of cultivars and products, and generally speaking, how to stay adaptive in a capricious and fast-paced industry.

durban x cindy 99 seeds

Durban 99 – Mr. Soul Seeds

Why can you trust me? I have very high quality standards, plenty of experience with every type of commercial cultivation method, a great industry reputation for being a reliable, straight shooter, and I don’t have any financial interest in the products I recommend. I’ll admit it’s hard turning down all of the commissions and referral fees that equipment companies offer me, but I need my clients to trust my information as uncorrupted and only in the interest of their greatest success. Keep this in mind: All info that comes from an equipment sales rep is fundamentally biased; they don’t tell you what you won’t like about their product. They aim to sell it regardless of its shortcomings. With nutrients, it’s the same story. None of them are anything special. I see investors and project managers fall into the “sales pitch” trap all the time and start down the wrong path right from the get-go.  Be discerning and don’t make the same mistake!

On this website, I aim to share more free information than any other cannabis cultivation consulting site you’ll find. I do hold certain intellectual property back, such as exact settings and nutrient recipes, but really, I want you to leave this site having a clearer vision of how to proceed as a commercial marijuana grower, whether or not we work together

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