Cannabis Employee Handbook


This 37-page Marijuana Employee Handbook contains all of the rules of the workplace for employees. It’s not too dissimilar from Employee Handbooks you’ve seen in other industries, but it’s very complete and relevant to the cannabis industry.

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Legal Disclaimer: This is a template that will be delivered to you as an editable MS Word doc. It’s filled in with great information, but is NOT location specific. We’ve done 90% of the heavy lifting.

Table of Contents

Introduction 4
Orientation 4
General Rules 5
Labor Agreement 5
Employment Definitions 5
Scheduling and Reporting to Work 6
Good Housekeeping 6
Use of Personal Electronics 6
Personal Appearance and Dress Code 7
Meal Periods and Breaks 7
Computer/internet Usage 9
Time Keeping 9
Overtime Policy 9
Intoxicants in the Workplace 9
Use of a Personal Vehicle 10
Leave From Work 10
Annual Leave 10
Sick Leave 11
Illness in Employee’s Immediate Family 12
Death in Employee’s Immediate Family 12
Sick Leave Approval 12
Placing an Employee on Sick Leave 13
Payment upon Termination – Sick Leave 13
Military Leave 13
Jury Duty 14
Maternity Leave 14
Parental Leave 15
Other Benefits 15
Worker’s Compensation 15
Annual Physicals 15
Insurance 15
Performance Review 16
Raises and Promotions 17

Discipline and Grievance Procedures 17
Suspension 17
Counseling 18
Procedure for Formal Investigation 18
Warnings 20
Examples of Minor Misconduct 20
Verbal Warning 21
Written Warning 21
Written Warning Procedure 21
Final Written Warning 22
Examples of Gross Misconduct 22
Demotion or Transfer to another Position 23
Dismissal 23
Appeals 23
Leaving Employment 25
Workplace Violence Policy 25
Incident Reporting & Investigation 26
Acknowledgement of Receipt 27
Appendix 1 – Personal Vehicle Driving Agreement 29
Appendix 2 – Harassment Complaint Form 31
ADDENDUM – FMLA Guidelines 33
Eligibility 33
Length of Leave and Reason for the Leave 33
Intermittent and Reduced Schedule Leave 34
Request for Leave 34
Response to Request for Leave 35
Pay and Benefits While on Leave 36
Return from Leave 36
Coordination with Attendance / Other Leave Policies 36
Fraudulent Use of FMLA Leave 37

Cannabis Employee Handbook

This cannabis business Employee Handbook is not state specific, but it does include all of the relevant topics for rules in the workplace for cannabis employees. It’s suitable for all cannabis license types–retail dispensary, cultivation, manufacturing, delivery and distribution.

It’s a template, but is 95% complete. All you need to do is compare the rules to your state’s employment laws, plug in the updated information, and it’s ready to use at the workplace or submit to the regulatory agency to show your preparedness for managing employee at your cannabis business.

Marijuana Employee Handbook Template

This 37-page Employee Handbook Template is delivered in MS Word format, so you can turn it into your own customized document.

When you hire new workers, they should all study and best tested on the Employee Handbook. That way, if they violate a rule of the workplace, they cannot claim ignorance.

Cannabis employees are generally young people who are accustomed to loose rules. In a highly regulated industry with a psychoactive substance involved, there’s no room for error, so it’s very important to have detailed rules around things like cannabis handling, the secrecy of intellectual property, internet usage, picture taking, and the storage and use of personal belongings and containers.

Contact us if you’d like to view this document via live screen share.

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