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Do you want to save 85% on cannabis nutrients by mixing your own salts? You’ve come to the right place. You can buy tech-grade agricultural salts in bulk, get a nutrient recipe that matches your media and your needs, and be in total control of your plants’ nutrition.

Using leaf tissue mineral analysis testing, your custom cannabis fertilizer formula can be dialed in to match the plants’ needs at each stage of growth.

Jennifer Martin is a veteran grower who has created recipes for herself and for numerous growers in the cannabis industry. Once you mix your own salts, you will never go back, because your custom cannabis nutrient recipe will be better than other cannabis nutrients you’ve used before. It will be more consistent, MUCH cheaper and you’ll gain insight into how the grow media, water and nutrients work together to meet the needs of your plants.

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Make Your Own Cannabis Nutrients!

Fertilizer salts have gotten quite a bit more expensive since COVID, so it makes more sense than ever to mix your own cannabis nutrients given the benefit of cutting operational costs that comes along with it.

You might want to take a formula you like and reverse engineer it, or you might want to start with one of our media-specific formulas that can be dialed into your exact cultivation requirements.

Here is the estimated savings for a cannabis grow operation that has 10,000 square feet of canopy. Notice the HUGE savings!

custom cannabis nutrients

Our clients who have switched to custom nutrient formulas have never looked back. Mixing your own nutrients gives you a new level of understanding and control over your plants that you’ve never had before. The 1-year of support that comes with our formulas inevitably covers many aspects of cultivation education, given that the nutrients must be balanced with lighting levels, water quantities, the porosity and CEC of the media, your environmental conditions (temp/RH) and your irrigation method.

By the time we are done with our 1 year of support, your cultivation skills will be at a whole new level. In combination with reduced costs, your improved yields will make a drastic difference in the bottom line of your cultivation business.

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“Jennifer Martin has been great to work with. She responds fast and helps me interpret leaf tissue tests, so I can learn to adjust the formulas to fix nutrient excesses and deficiencies. I highly recommend her custom nutrient services.” – Vic Ta, Los Angeles, CA

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