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New Jersey Secure Transport of Cannabis SOP

This 5-page plan satisfies the Transportation SOP requirement for Cultivation and Manufacturing applicants.

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Class 1 and Class 2 license applicants shall
submit a plan to comply with N.J.A.C. 17:30-9.15
5 pages maximum length

(a) A cannabis business may securely transport cannabis items to another cannabis
business, or it may use a licensed cannabis distributor for such transport.
(b) A license holder may transport between multiple cannabis business premises or to
another cannabis business anywhere in the State using a delivery vehicle pursuant to this
(c) A cannabis business shall ensure each delivery vehicle is equipped with:
1. A secure lockbox or secure cargo area, which shall be used for the sanitary and
secure transport of cannabis;
2. A Global Positioning System (GPS) device for identifying the geographic location
of the delivery vehicle, either permanently or temporarily affixed to the delivery
vehicle while the delivery vehicle is in operation.
i. The device shall remain active and in the possession of the cannabis business
staff member at all times during transport.
ii. At all times, the originating cannabis business shall be able to identify the
geographic location of all delivery vehicles that are transporting its cannabis
items and shall provide that information to the Commission upon request; and
3. Functioning heating and air conditioning systems appropriate for maintain correct
temperatures for storage of cannabis and cannabis products.
(d) A cannabis business shall maintain current hired and non-owned automobile liability
insurance sufficient to insure all delivery vehicles in the amount of at least $1,000,000 per
occurrence or accident.
(e) A cannabis business shall ensure that a delivery vehicle bears no markings that would
either identify or indicate that the vehicle is used to transport cannabis.
(f) Upon request, a cannabis business shall provide the Commission with information
regarding any delivery vehicles, including the vehicle’s make, model, color, vehicle
identification number, license plate number, and vehicle registration.
(g) A cannabis business shall staff each delivery vehicle with at least one cannabis
business staff member.
1. The cannabis business staff member shall not leave cannabis items in an
unattended delivery vehicle unless the vehicle is locked and equipped with an
active vehicle alarm system. In no case shall cannabis items be left in a delivery
vehicle overnight or outside the operating hours of the cannabis business
conducting the transport.
2. The cannabis business staff member shall have access to a secure form of
communication with the cannabis business, such as a cellular telephone, at all
times that the delivery vehicle contains cannabis items.
3. The cannabis business staff member shall possess their Cannabis Business
Identification Card at all times and shall present it to Commission staff or law
enforcement officials upon demand.
4. Before transport, the cannabis business staff member shall create a physical or
electronic copy of the transport request. During transport, the cannabis business
staff member shall maintain a such copy of the transport request and shall make it
available upon request to State and local law enforcement, and State and local
regulatory authorities and agencies.
5. Only Cannabis Business Identification Card holders shall be allowed in a delivery
(h) All transport of cannabis items shall be conducted by a person. A transport of
cannabis items shall not be made through the use of an unmanned vehicle, which shall
include a drone.
(i) A cannabis business shall ensure that transports are completed in a timely and efficient
1. The cannabis business staff member shall only travel between originating
cannabis business premises and receiving cannabis business premises and shall
not deviate from the delivery path described in this subsection, except in the event
of emergency, or as necessary for rest, fuel, or vehicle repair stops, or because
road conditions make continued use of the route or operation of the vehicle unsafe,
impossible, or impracticable.
2. The process of transport begins when the cannabis business staff member leaves
the originating cannabis business premises with the purchase order of cannabis
items and ends when the cannabis business staff member furnishes the cannabis
items to the receiving cannabis business premises.
(j) Each cannabis business shall maintain a written or electronic record of each transport
of cannabis; for each transport, such record shall include:
1. The date and time that the transport began and ended;
2. The name, Cannabis Business Identification Card number, and signature of the
cannabis business staff member performing the transport;
3. The weight of the cannabis or cannabis items transported;
4. The batch number of the usable cannabis or the lot number of the cannabis
product, the name of the strain/cultivar, and the form of the cannabis product; and
5. The signature of the cannabis business staff member of the receiving cannabis
business attesting to receipt of the goods.
(k) A cannabis business shall report any vehicle accidents, diversions, losses, or other
reportable events that occur during transport to the Commission in accordance with
N.J.A.C. 17:30-9.11.
(l) A municipality may not restrict the transportation of cannabis items through, or within,
that municipality by adoption of a municipal ordinance or any other measure, and any
restriction to the contrary shall be deemed void and unenforceable.
(m) Where a transport is attempted and not completed and the cannabis item remains in
the possession of the cannabis business personnel conducting the transport, the
personnel shall return the cannabis item to the originating cannabis business. The
cannabis business may repackage and restock the product, logging the product’s
amended status in the business’s internal inventory. Such items must be in new,
unopened condition prior to restocking.

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