Cannabis Odor Control Plan


This Cannabis Odor Control/Air Quality Plan mainly serves the purpose of convincing the town council and neighbors that your project will not cause an odor nuisance in the air surrounding your facility.

Controlling cannabis odors is approached from several angles, including design considerations, air filtration, cultural practices, and regular perimeter inspections. You must also have an established complaint receiving and investigation procedure.

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Cannabis Odor Control

Cannabis odors are almost impossible to contain, but most jurisdictions want you to explain how you’ll control them anyway because, invariably, neighbors will make a stink about it. Odor problems are the most common sticking point with city and county license approvals.

Several steps can taken to minimize odor problems in a retail or cultivation facility. They involve physical controls, design considerations, and employee training and practices.

Physical controls for cannabis odor control include the airflow direction, air circulation control, intake and outtake fans, ozone treatment, carbon filtration, and airlocks between departments.

Design considerations for cannabis odor control include things like having a perimeter walkway around the internal rooms of the building, so odor-producing activities are not occurring directly adjacent to the outdoors.

Employees must be trained on how to manage doors, windows, and workflow so as to minimize the escape of odors. They should be trained to monitor the odor control equipment, keep the rooms very clean, change air filters, do smell tests to monitor changes, and keep their clothes and equipment utensils clean.

On top of taking every possible step to control cannabis odors, checking the perimeter of the property regularly for odors and creating a nuisance reporting and follow-up system also add to the list of steps a cannabis operator can take to satisfy odor concerns.

Our Cannabis Odor Control Plan and Cannabis Air Quality Plan has been successfully used at county council meetings to overcome objections to odor concerns, so we are confident that you’ll be happy with it.

Suitable for all cannabis license types, including retail odor control, cultivation odor control and manufacturing odor control.

Table of Contents
Odor Control Introduction 3
Procedures 3
Implementation Timeline 3
Location of Cannabis Odor Emissions 4
Specific Odor Emitting Activities 4
Intensity of Odor Emitting Activities 5
Operational Mitigation Measures 5
Handling 6
Curing 6
Storage 6
Processing 6
Physical Measures 6
Negative Air Pressure 6
Exhaust 7
Filtration 7
Doors and Windows 7
System Maintenance 8
Schedule 8
Equipment Maintenance Log 8
Responding to Complaints 9
Resolution 9
Mandatory Notification 10
Appendix A
Map of Facility Showing Locations of Odor Control Equipment 10
Appendix B
Odor Control Equipment Maintenance Log 11
Appendix C
Odor Complaint and Response Tracking 12

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