Complaints and Recall Plan


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Suitable for all cannabis license types, this 36-page Complaints Handling and Cannabis Recall Plan covers every component of planning for and implementing a product complaint or recall process. It also includes the root cause investigation process that must happen to avert future related product problems.

Scroll down for the Table of Contents and more information on this Cannabis Recall Plan.

As a cannabis business operator, you’ve probably felt like the compliance requirements are already too complex and demanding, but if you think about it from the perspective of a regulator or a consumer, having safe products to consume is absolutely critical to the success of the cannabis industry.

While recalls have been fairly rare and Recall Plans have generally not been required by regulating agencies, this is changing as regulators are getting more savvy and more cannabis products are being found to be contaminated with pesticides and microbial infections. It’s important when a contaminated product is found, that a bullet-proof recall process is in place to ensure that no other products from that batch have the possibility of harming a consumer.

As we move closer to federal legalization, a Complaints and Recall Plan will become necessary for every cannabis business. Getting started with your planned processes now is important for your long-term success.


Table of Contents

Introduction 3

Roles and Responsibilities 3

Complaints Handling 6

Initiating the Complaint Process 6

Recalls 7

Recall Procedure 8

Root Cause Investigation Procedure 11

Complaint Response Documentation and Record Keeping 12

Management Review and Archiving 13

Additional Resources 13

Appendix 1 – Complaint Response Team Contact List 14

Appendix 2 – Complaint Form 15

Appendix 3 – Complaint Response & Recall Checklist 17

Appendix 4 – Health Hazard Evaluation Form 18

Appendix 5 – Recall Communications Log 21

Appendix 6 – Recall Recovery Summary 22

Appendix 7 – Root Cause Investigation Questionnaire 23

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