Cannabis Extraction & Manufacturing Plan


This 29-page Cannabis Manufacturing Plan covers the standards and processes for post-harvest flower material. It’s a template, with rosin, ethanol extraction and pre-rolls as the placeholder processing types.

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Legal Disclaimer: This is a template that will be delivered to you as an editable MS Word doc. It’s filled in with great information, but is NOT location specific. We’ve done 90% of the heavy lifting.

Jennifer Martin​Hi, I’m Jennifer Martin. I am a veteran commercial cannabis grower, a master’s educated professional writer, and a big fan of simplifying things and saving time. My colleague and I realized in 2016 that cannabis industry applicants were going to need help with all of the documentation required for licensing, so we wrote these operating plan templates to serve that need.

What’s great about these templates is that we studied cannabis regulations from all over the country and have included every standard topic we could find, with great placeholder text, to save you dozens of hours or thousands of dollars having to hire out custom work or start from scratch.

With hundreds of satisfied customers under our belts, we are certain that we’ve got the best starter operating plan templates for cannabis operators available online.
Unlike other cannabis websites, this business is owner-operated and I personally stand behind the quality of the available products and services.

Marijuana Extraction Plan

This extraction and manufacturing plan focuses on the processing that happens after harvesting and drying cannabis. In California, manufacturing includes extraction and formulations, where in other states, the two terms are used separately.

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Why do most people buy this Extraction & Manufacturing Plan?

People buy this plan because, usually because they are being asked to supply a plan by their regulatory agency. This plan is written as if the regulator is the reader. It can also be retooled to serve as an internal operations manual that contains your own proprietary extraction methods.

Table of Contents

Introduction 2
Roles and Responsibilities 2
Director of Production 2
Extraction Manager 4
Chief Product Formulator 6
Manufacturing Overview 9
Standard Operating Procedures 10
Security and Safety Guidelines 10
Worker Safety 11
Equipment Standards 12
Product List 12
Packaging Guidelines 14
Day-To-Day Extraction Operations 15
Post-Extraction Processes 18
Manufacturing Equipment List 18
Quality Control 20
Good Manufacturing Practices 21
Cleanliness 22
Sanitary Operations 23
Sanitary Facilities and Controls 24
Packaging & Labeling 26
Packaging and Labeling Records 27
Appendix 1 – Additional Resources 29

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