New York Community Impact Plan


(Updated 10/1/2023) This 6-page New York Community Impact Plan, available for immediate download, is suitable for New York cannabis business applicants and licensees.

Please note that you will still need to partner with a community organization and gather statistics, costs and demographic data from them in order to complete this plan. 

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Having a Community Impact Plan in place ensures the state and your customers that you are prepared to stay operational in the event of a change in leadership. 

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From the Regulations (page 140)

121.4 Commitment to Social and Economic Equity

(1) A community impact plan shall show an applicant’s or licensee’s plan for how the applicant or licensee will benefit communities, and individuals from communities that were disproportionately impacted by the enforcement of cannabis prohibition, which shall include, but not be limited to:

(i) identification of the community or communities and individuals disproportionately impacted that the applicant or licensee plans to benefit;

(ii) a description of: 

(a) the benefits that the applicant or licensee will provide to the community or individuals disproportionately impacted, including, but not limited to, workforce opportunities, community resources, education, and other community building programs; 

(b) the scale or size of the disproportionately impacted target beneficiaries; and 

(c) the plan for implementation, including, but not limited to, actions, activities and engagements that will be performed by the applicant or licensee and frequency of engagement with the community or individuals disproportionately impacted; 

(iii) a demonstrated need of the proposed benefit to the community and individuals disproportionately impacted, including, but not limited to, economic and social impact; 

(iv) identifiable resources the applicant or licensee will use to execute the community impact plan, including, but not limited to: 

(a) by written agreement, a demonstrable partnership or relationship with a community based organization or other association; 

(b) estimated expenses, if any, the applicant or licensee will incur to execute the community impact plan and its activities; 

(c) the applicant’s or licensee’s demonstrated ability, knowledge, expertise or experience; and (d) any other information or documentation evidencing community engagement.

NY Community Impact PlanThe OCM wants to see how your organization will benefit the community where you are doing business. They suggested in a webinar earlier this year that you could best accomplish this by joining forces with a pre-existing community based organization. This entity would likely be a non-profit that provides services such as food, support services, job training or placement support, litter/graffit removal, sports team sponsorships, youth activities, or supplemental education services. 

You can find such organizations by looking up non-profits in your area and contacting them. Here is a list of possibilities: 

You would want an organization that already has statistics available on demographic groups in need in the community and how their services meet those needs, the concrete services that are provided including what/when/where, and the costs involved. If you, as an applicant, have any relevant ability, expertise or training in community support or engagement, that should also be included.

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