Indoor Cultivation SOPs

Cultivation Standard Operating Procedures – Indoor


All of the Following SOPs are Included in the Full Set

Our 57-page Indoor Cannabis Cultivation SOP Set includes:

Sprouting and Planting Seeds (3 pages)
Clone Cutting and Rooting (4 pages)
Managing Vegetative Growth and Transplanting (3 pages)
Flowering (3 pages)
Media Storage/Preparation/Disposal (3 pages)
Nutrient & Irrigation Management (6 pages)
Harvesting (3 pages)
Trimming & Drying (4 pages)
Daily Mechanical Check (3 pages)
Daily Plant Observation (3 pages)
PH/EC Meter Calibration (3 pages)
Pest Management (6 pages)
Water Quality Management (8 pages) and
Facility Sanitation (5 pages).

Want to look inside? Our documents are intellectual property and, as such, are not refundable, but you can preview the whole thing via screen share. Contact Jennifer Martin today to schedule a preview.

Cultivation Standard Operating Procedures are the backbone of your licensed cultivation facility’s operations. Jennifer Martin is a veteran commercial grower who has used almost every cultivation method over the years and has written these Cultivation SOPs based her experience and best practices. They are oriented towards growing in coco fiber grow bags with drip system irrigation, although they can be altered to match any method.

The opening paragraphs of each cannabis cultivation SOP explain the purpose, scope and responsibilities of the SOP. The middle section gives an overview of the process with a list of materials and supplies needed. The step-by-step employee instruction comes next, which details the process from start to finish. Finally, each SOP ends with any logs or worksheets that can further enhance and document the process.

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