Cannabis Business Continuity Plan – NY Business Continuity Plan


This 25-page Business Continuity Plan is suitable for New York dispensary applicants. It details the various ways that things can go wrong in your business and the plans and procedures that must be followed when they do.

Having a Business Continuity Plan in place ensures the state and your customers that you are prepared to stay operational in the event of the various types of disasters or disruptions that can occur, whether natural (weather/pandemics), economic, man-made, supply-related or otherwise.

Our New York Business Continuity Plan identifies the responsible person (role) for each aspect of the business, the ways in which disruptions to normal operations can occur, the likelihood and risk of such an event occurring, how to mitigate the risk, and what to do if it happens.

The types of common threats can be natural disasters (Covid, hurricanes, etc), technological breakdowns (computer hacks, internet outages, etc), or man-made (theft, sabotage, workplace violence, etc.). We have also included regulatory risks, supply chain disruptions and more.

The OCM is requiring this NY business continuity plan for social equity dispensary applicants because they want to ensure that retail operators have plans in place to deter and mitigate major disruptions before they happen. This reduces the chances of adult-use consumers being left without a source for their cannabis products.

Contact us today for a preview of our New York Business Continuity Plan before you buy!

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