New Jersey Cannabis Quality Control & Quality Assurance Procedures

Quality Assurance and Quality Control Procedures for New Jersey Cannabis Licensing vary quite a lot between license types. Choose your license type from the dropdown box below to see what is included in each set.

Note that what’s included in these QA/QC Procedure Sets is mostly not explicitly stated in the NJ Cannabis Rules. We have created these based on industry best practices. The only ones that are explicitly required in New Jersey are the Quarantine related procedures, including Release of Batches for Distribution/Sale, and for Manufacturing only, the Stability Testing and Expiration Date SOP.

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From the CRC Regulations published on August 19th, 2021

The New Jersey Cannabis Regulations have variable QA/QC requirements for each license type, and the text describing the specific is interspersed between pages 107-115.

Many of the other cannabis procedures they ask for technically fall under the definition of Quality Assurance and Quality Control, so we have approached this group of SOPs from the standpoint of addressing the few QA/QC-specific references in regulations directly, plus adding QA/QC-specific procedures that are not covered in any of the other procedures the CRC requires.

The Cultivation Quality Assurance and Control SOPs are less stringent than those for Extraction/Manufacturing, and Retail QA/QC is the simplest of the 3, given that retailers will mainly be double checking the QA/QC production and product standards established by cultivators and manufacturers in their final product presentations.

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