Marijuana Retail Operating Plan

Cannabis Retail Operations Plan


This Retail Cannabis Operations Plan is a 60-page template, delivered instantly via MS Word download. This operations plan is written in narrative form, as if the regulatory agency is the reader.

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Want to look inside? This plan is not refundable once purchased, but you can email Jennifer Martin today to schedule a screen share preview to see the whole thing before you buy. Or call at 510-418-0454 HST.

Disclaimer: This is a template that will be delivered to you as an editable MS Word doc. It’s filled in with great information, but is NOT location specific. We’ve done 90% of the heavy lifting.

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Jennifer Martin​Hi, I’m Jennifer Martin. I am a veteran commercial cannabis grower, a master’s educated professional writer, and a big fan of simplifying things and saving time. My colleague and I realized in 2016 that cannabis industry applicants were going to need help with all of the documentation required for licensing, so we wrote these operating plan templates to serve that need.

What’s great about these templates is that we studied cannabis regulations from all over the country and have included every standard topic we could find, with great placeholder text, to save you dozens of hours or thousands of dollars having to hire out custom work or start from scratch.

With hundreds of satisfied customers under our belts, we are certain that we’ve got the best starter operating plan templates for cannabis operators available online.

This plan is an editable document for your cannabusiness.

Unlike other cannabis business websites, this business is owner-operated and I personally stand behind the quality of the available products and services.

Table of Contents

Business Operations Plan 4
Owners Experience 4
Mission and Goals 4
Prior Business Experience 4
Prior Regulatory Experience 5
College Degrees, Certificates, Licenses, and Technical Knowledge 7
Finance 7
Pro Forma Budget for Y1-Y3 7
Opening Timeline 9
Daily Operations 9
Customer Check-in and Verification Procedures 9
Procedures for Receiving Cannabis Goods 10
Point of Sale System 11
Number of Customers Per Hour and Day 11
Cannabis Goods and Percentages to be Sold 11
Delivery Procedure 12
Conformance to State and Local Law 15
Tracking Cannabis Goods 22
POS System and METRC CCTT 22
Inventory Procedure and Quality Control 24
Labor and Local Enterprise Plan 28
Pay, Benefits, Collective Bargaining 28

Number of Employees 29
Social Equity Programs 30
Positions and Responsibilities 31
Compensation and Continuing Education 32
Compensation 32
Continuing Education and Training 32
Neighborhood Compatibility Plan 34
Response to Complaints 34
Nuisance Abatement and Prevention 35
Odor Mitigation 36
Sources of Odor 36
Odor Control Devices 37
Staff Training and System Maintenance 37
Waste Management Plan 38
Description of Proposed Location 39
Community Benefits Plan 40
Community Engagement 40
Community Benefit Strategies 40
Charitable and Nonprofit Support 45
Economic Development & Revenue 46
Exhibit 1 – Delivery Procedure 48
Exhibit 2 – Waste Management Procedure 55
Exhibit 3 – Packaging and Labeling QC Checklist 61

Cannabis Dispensary Plan and Procedures

Written by a veteran California dispensary operator, this Cannabis Retail Operations Plan describes to regulators how you will operation your dispensary. Dispensary operations in all jurisdictions have many procedures in common, ranging from dispensary security to inventory management to video monitoring, and more, as the Table of Contents above will show.

You have your choice here between a narrative document containing a few central SOPs, or we also have a very detailed set of Cannabis Dispensary SOPs. We sell them as a set for a discount for buyers who want a truly comprehensive document package.

Running a cannabis dispensary is not easy. Security is the main concern, but managing so many small transactions and keeping fresh inventory of high-demand products is also a big challenge. Dispensaries tend to have a high employee turnover of young inexperienced workers. Lots of detailed management and training is required to keep things running smoothly.

Contact us today to preview the documents, so you can ensure that you get exactly what you need.

Are these Dispensary SOPs?

No, this is a plan written as if the regulatory agency is the reader. If you are looking specifically for Retail Dispensary SOPs, click here.


Sample Pages

Cannabis Dispensary Operation Plan
Dispensary Business Plan Sample

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