cannabis facility plan

Cannabis Facility Plan


Our Cannabis Operating Plan Templates are the best you’ll find to meet cannabis compliance requirements because they are written by real commercial growers and compliance experts. Discounts available for multiple documents.

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Disclaimer:¬†This is a template that will be delivered to you as an editable MS Word doc. It’s filled in with great information, but is NOT location specific. We’ve done 90% of the heavy lifting.

Cannabis Facility Plan

This Cannabis Facility Plan Template is intended to meet the requirements of your jurisdiction in describing your physical facility, how it will minimize neighborhood impact, manage materials and be maintained.

This Facility Plan is suitable for Cultivation, Extraction and Manufacturing license types.

A Marijuana Facility Plan starts by describing the structure itself, its location, zoning, size and physical characteristics. You can plug in the specific details of your building here.

A sample floor plan is shown, where you should plug in your own that is labeled based on the rules of your jurisdiction. The Facility Plan also includes estimates of electricity usage, water usage, and waste production for a given quantity of flowering canopy.

The Table of Contents and some sample pages are shown here:

Building Description 4

Building Location/Zoning/Proximity/Accessibility 4 Cannabis Facility Plan Sample

Facility Biosecurity 27
cannabis facility biosecurity plan

Types and Quantities of Cannabis Products to be Produced at the Facility 19

Building Usage Rights 6

Permits/Neighborhood Acceptance 6

Size/Utilities/Construction Materials 7

Water Infrastructure and Filtration 8

Estimated Electrical and Water Usage 9

Electrical Usage Estimates 9

Water Usage Estimates 9

Interior Layout and Lighting 10

Lighting 12

Environmental Controls Description and Standards 13

Minimizing Neighborhood Impact 13

Security 14

Increased Traffic 14

Hours of Operation 15

Noise 15

Odor Control/Air Quality Plan 15

Negative Air Pressure 16

Exhaust 16

Air Filtration/Exchange 17

Doors and Windows 17

System Maintenance 17

Equipment Inspection and Maintenance 18

Production & Waste Materials 19

Crop Input Quantity Estimates and Disposal 19

Waste Handling and Disposal 20

Waste Safety and Security Assurances 22

Special Non-THC Waste 23

Lamps/Bulbs 23

Pesticide Waste Management & Storage 23

THC Waste 24

Plant Material Waste Storage and Disposal 24

Liquid Cannabis Waste Management and Disposal 25

Recycling Plan 26

Facility Design 27

Subdivided Rooms for Containing Infections 27

Discrete HVAC and Air Purification Systems 28

Air Locks/Man Traps 28

Clean-Room Tech Features 28

High Quality Redundant Mechanical Systems 28

Automated Backup Power/Generator 29

Monitoring 29

Training 30

Facility Maintenance 30

Appendix 1 – Utility and other Infrastructural Contracts 30

Appendix 2 – Odor Equipment Maintenance Log 31

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