New Jersey Cannabis Security Plan

New Jersey Cannabis Safety and Security Plan

This New Jersey Cannabis Safety and Security Plan is part of what’s required to fulfill the requirements for the Conditional and Annual License Applications. It covers the following topics:

Security Personnel

Security and Surveillance Features  

Plans for the Storage of Cannabis and Cannabis Item

Diversion Prevention Plan

Emergency Management Plan

Procedures for Screening, Monitoring, and Performing Criminal History Record Background Checks of Employee

Cybersecurity Procedures

Workplace Safety Plan

Want to look inside? Our documents are intellectual property and, as such, are not refundable, but you can preview the whole thing via screen share. Contact Jennifer Martin today to schedule a preview.


All applicants for New Jersey cannabis licenses will be required to submit, as part of their application, a Safety and Security Plan that conforms with NJAC § 17:30-9.10.

Before we knew the page limits on these sections, we wrote 40 pages to describe them in detail. Now we have truncated that down to a 10-page Safety and Security Plan Overview that includes the essence what’s required by NJ law for the Security component of the Condition Conversion Application and Annual Application, and contains applicable policy citations from the NJ Adult-use law and cannabis regulations. It contains the following:

(c)(ii.1) plans for the use of security personnel, including contractors;

(c)(ii.2) the experience or qualifications of security personnel and proposed contractors;

(c)(ii.3) security and surveillance features, including descriptions of any alarm systems, video surveillance systems, and access and visitor management systems, (does not include the required floor plan).


(c)(ii.4) plans for the storage of cannabis and cannabis items, including any safes, vaults, and climate control systems that will be utilized for this purpose;

(c)(ii.5) a diversion prevention plan;

(c)(ii.6) an emergency management plan;

(c)(ii.7) procedures for screening, monitoring, and performing criminal history record background checks of employees;

(c)(ii.8) cybersecurity procedures;

(c)(ii.9) workplace safety plans and the applicant’s familiarity with federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations;

The 10-page version is available individually, or the long 40-page version can be purchased (which comes with both the full content and the summarized version).

Here is a sample page from the condensed 10-page version:

New Jersey Cannabis Security Plan


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