NJ Regulatory Compliance Plan

New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Compliance Plan

A Regulatory Compliance Plan is required for the first stage of the Conditional licensing process in New Jersey. The CRC has set a 20-page limit for this document, Times New Roman font, 12pt, single spaced.

This 19-page template is designed make the case that your business is prepared to follow all of the rules as a cannabis business in good standing. It covers 20 different compliance topics and describes the multi-step process the licensee will follow to ensure full adherence to each topic.

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Cannabis Regulatory Compliance Plan

This Cannabis Regulatory Compliance Plan is oriented around the quality assurance of the company’s regulatory compliance systems. This involves establishing the people and roles responsible for each compliance related topic, creation of proper training materials and methods and effective implementation of SOPs. Further, the compliance processes must be audited and corrected where necessary. And finally, where properly trained employees continue to willfully or negligently violate compliance requirements, they must be disciplined appropriately, including the potential of dismissal.

The core of our Regulatory Compliance Plan is defining each topic that requires compliant behavior, citing the relevant policy code, and naming the employee groups that are to be trained on those topics.

The topics included are:

  • Environmental Impact Plan
  • Safety & Security Plan
  • Adverse Event Reporting SOP
  • Quality Assurance & Quality Control SOPs
  • Recall SOP
  • Packaging & Labeling SOP (Cultivation and Manufacturing only)
  • Inventory Control, Storage & Diversion Prevention SOPs
  • Record Keeping SOP
  • Waste Disposal/Sanitation SOPs
  • Accounting and Tax Compliance SOPs
  • Reporting of Test Results SOP
  • Secure Transport of Cannabis SOP (Cultivation and Manufacturing only)
  • Delivery SOP (Retail Only)
  • Age Verification SOP (Retail Only)
  • Employment Law
  • Water Discharge Management
  • Air Quality/Odor Control
  • Cannabis Testing
  • Pesticide Application/Remediation

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