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This NJ Cannabis Delivery License Template Set satisfies the application requirements for a Class 6 Delivery License, for anything called a “plan” or “procedure” or “SOP”.

The CRC is has begun accepting applications for the Class 6 Cannabis delivery license. In July 2023, the Final Notice was updated to include Class 3, 4 and 6 License requirements. These are: The New Jersey Cannabis Wholesaler License (Class 3), the New Jersey Cannabis Distributor License (Class 4) and the New Jersey Cannabis Delivery License (Class 6).

The application requirements are very similar for these new licenses as those of the Class 1, 2, and 5 licenses. However, a standout feature of the NJ cannabis delivery license is that it provides the capacity to transport cannabis to cities and counties that have opted out of allowing cannabis businesses. This opens up a whole new business opportunity for serving residents in those areas.

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Our New Jersey Delivery License Kit includes:

  • Environmental Impact Plan
  • Workforce Development Plan
  • Security Plan
  • Adverse Event SOPs
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control SOPs
  • Recall SOPs
  • Inventory Control, Storage and Diversion Prevention SOPs
  • Recordkeeping SOPs
  • Waste Disposal SOPs
  • SOPs for Delivery
  • Accounting and Tax Compliance SOPs
  • Reporting of Test Results SOP
  • Secure Transport of Cannabis SOP

Our New Jersey Delivery License Kit DOES NOT include:

Understanding the New Jersey Cannabis Delivery License Regulations

NJ Cannabis Delivery LicensingNew Jersey cannabis is on the rise! Recreational cannabis is legal, and the market is open for ongoing application submissions. For social equity and diversely owned applications, 3 new license types are now open. They are Delivery, Wholesale and Distribution.

If you’re hoping to operate a cannabis delivery service in the Garden State with a New Jersey Cannabis Delivery License, it’s vital to understand the limitations tied to this license type. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. With your NJ cannabis delivery license, you can obtain cannabis items, paraphernalia, and similar supplies from retailers once a customer or cannabis retailer places a purchase order;
  2. You’re allowed to handle, store, and transport these items;
  3. You can supply these cannabis items and accompanying supplies to customers, provided you adhere to the regulations;
  4. You can return any undelivered items back to the cannabis retailers from where they originated;
  5. Disposing of or destroying these cannabis items if deemed necessary is also within your purview.

Yet, there are few things you’re prohibited from engaging in with a New Jersey Cannabis Delivery License:

  1. You can’t cultivate, manufacture or package cannabis;
  2. You’re not entitled to transport, distribute, or sell cannabis, cannabis items, or related supplies to other cannabis enterprises.

In simpler terms, being aware of the restrictions and responsibilities associated with your cannabis delivery service in New Jersey is imperative. By doing so, you ensure your service remains in line with legislative norms, functions in a professional manner, and sustains itself over time.

Navigating Cannabis Licenses for Delivery Applicants: Essential Information

If you’re planning on jumping into the Cannabis Delivery Business in New Jersey, it’s crucial to understand these key points. For starters, as a cannabis operator in this state, you’ll need to identify a suitable location in a city or county that’s “opted in” to having cannabis businesses. Just because you can deliver cannabis in all locations within New Jersey, that doesn’t mean your business address can be anywhere. Your licensed facility must be located in approved zones specifically allocated for cannabis businesses. You cannot operate from a residential address or an improperly zoned location. Your business premises will function as a secure storage location, whether or not you maintain inventory overnight. It must have all of the same security, climate control, and systems for inventory and recordkeeping that other cannabis license types must have.

Cannabis License Process and Preparation: Essential Information for NJ Cannabis Delivery Entrepreneurs

If you’re looking to get a Cannabis Delivery License in New Jersey, starting with the conditional licensing process is typically the first step. This avenue is available to those who’ve made less than $200,000 annually in the previous two years, making them eligible to apply as a conditional applicant. There’s also an alternate pathway via the initial stage of Class 6 licensing – becoming a social equity applicant. Here’s what it entails: either you hail from Economically Disadvantaged Areas or you’ve faced charges due to a cannabis-related offense. Click here for more intricate details about Economically Disadvantaged Areas. If you meet either of these criteria, you’re allowed to make your move for a Class 6 Delivery License as soon as October 2023 arrives.


This is the exact regulatory text from the CRC’s Rules on Delivery for New Jersey’s cannabis market:

17:30-15.1 Cannabis Delivery Service Authorized Conduct

NJ Cannabis Delivery License(a) A cannabis delivery service holding a Class 6 Cannabis Delivery Service license issued by the Commission shall be authorized to: 1. After receiving a purchase order from a consumer or a cannabis retailer, obtain cannabis items, cannabis paraphernalia, and related supplies from such cannabis retailers; 2. Possess, store, and transport cannabis items, cannabis paraphernalia, and related supplies; 3. Deliver cannabis items, cannabis paraphernalia, and related supplies to a consumer consistent with the requirements at N.J.A.C. 17:30-14.8; 4. Transport undelivered cannabis items, cannabis paraphernalia, and related supplies back to its originating cannabis retailer; and 5. Dispose of or destroy cannabis items.

(b) A NJ cannabis delivery service holding a Class 6 Cannabis Delivery Service license issued by the Commission shall not be authorized to: 1. Cultivate or package cannabis; 2. Produce, manufacture or otherwise create, or package cannabis products; or 3. Transport, transfer, distribute, supply, or sell cannabis, cannabis items, paraphernalia, or related supplies to cannabis businesses.

(c) A NJ cannabis delivery service shall not allow persons under the age of 21 to purchase cannabis items.

(d) A NJ cannabis delivery service shall only deliver cannabis items directly to a consumer.

(e) A NJ cannabis delivery service may, as authorized by its selling cannabis retailer, maintain and make available on its Internet website, if any, a standard price list that shall apply to all usable cannabis, cannabis products, paraphernalia, and related supplies sold by cannabis retailers.

(f) Each cannabis delivery service shall consider whether to make interpreter services available to the population served, including for individuals with a visual or hearing impairment. 1. The cannabis delivery service shall assume the cost of providing such interpreter services. 2. The Commission shall provide assistance to any cannabis delivery service that seeks to provide such services in locating appropriate interpreter resources.

(g) There shall be no limit on the amount of cannabis items that a microbusiness cannabis delivery service may deliver, as fulfilled purchase orders, on behalf of a cannabis retailer.

17:30-15.2 Cannabis Delivery to a Consumer

NJ Cannabis Delivery Plan(a) Before delivering a cannabis item to a consumer in a transaction, cannabis delivery service personnel shall examine any one of the following pieces of photographic identification and shall confirm the consumer is of legal age to purchase cannabis: 1. The person’s United States passport, passport from another country, or proper government-issued documentation for international travel; provided it is lawful to use as identification in the United States; 2. The person’s motor vehicle driver’s license, whether issued by New Jersey or by any other state, territory, or possession of the United States, or the District of Columbia, provided the license displays a picture of the person; 3. A New Jersey identification card issued by the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission; or 4. Any other identification card issued by a state, territory, or possession of the United States, the District of Columbia, or the Federal government that bears a picture of the person, the name of the person, the person’s date of birth, and a physical description of the person.

(b) In order to ensure that individual privacy is protected: 1. A cannabis delivery service shall not collect and/or retain any personal information other than government-issued identification as set forth at (a) above in order to determine the consumer’s identity and age; 2. A cannabis delivery service shall not collect and/or retain any personal information about a consumer other than information typically acquired in a financial transaction conducted by the holder of a Class C retail license concerning alcoholic beverages as set forth at N.J.S.A. 33:1-12; and 3. The cannabis delivery service shall not keep a copy of the consumer’s photographic identification.

(c) Cannabis delivery service personnel shall log that the examination of photographic identification and confirmation of legal age pursuant to (a) above occurred in a record, and the cannabis delivery service shall maintain such record and it shall be available for inspection by the Commission.

(d) The cannabis delivery service shall not deliver to a consumer in a single sales transaction: 1. More than 28.35 gram (one ounce) of usable cannabis; 2. More than four grams of solid cannabis concentrate or four mL of liquid cannabis concentrate (oil); 3. Vaporized formulation containing more than four mL of liquid cannabis concentrate (oil); 4. Multiple ingestible cannabis-infused products containing an aggregate total of more than 1,000 mg of THC; or 5. More than 28.35 gram (one ounce), or the equivalent, of any combination of usable cannabis and cannabis products.

(e) The cannabis delivery service shall make a good faith effort to prevent a consumer from exceeding one ounce of usable cannabis, or the equivalent weight in cannabis products, in multiple sales transactions.

(f) The cannabis delivery service shall only sell to consumers cannabis items that have been properly tested, packaged, sealed, and labeled in accordance with the provisions at N.J.A.C. 17:30-16.2 and 16.3.

(g) A cannabis delivery service shall provide the consumer with a receipt that includes, at a minimum: 1. The cannabis delivery service’s name, address, license number, and telephone number; 2. The cannabis retailer’s name, address, license number, and telephone number; 3. The date of retail sale; and 4. The cannabis items purchased and their purchase price.

New Jersey Cannabis Delivery Procedures(h) A cannabis delivery service delivering an electronic smoking device to the consumer shall provide a supplemental information document that: 1. Lists all ingredients or materials used to manufacture the electronic smoking device; 2. Provides instructions to consumers on how to use the electronic smoking device safely as part of intended usage based on manufacturer’s recommendations, which shall include, but not be limited to, a recommended number of seconds per dose; and 17:30-15.2 TREASURY—GENERAL Supp. 3-6-23 30-74 3. States, “Electronic smoking devices and vaporized formulations of cannabis are not approved by the Food and Drug Administration and have not been proven to be safe for use in humans. Consumers should consider alternative methods for the administration of cannabis.”

(i) A cannabis delivery service shall offer to provide clearly visible information on safe use of cannabis items to consumers at the point of delivery, such as a printed copy of the information on Safe and Responsible Consumption provided on the Commission website,

17:30-15.2 17:30-15.3 Cannabis Delivery Service Recordkeeping

(a) A cannabis delivery service shall keep a complete and accurate record of all cannabis item deliveries made by the delivery service, including the date of purchase and delivery, the cannabis items purchased, the selling entity, and any information required at N.J.A.C. 17:30-14.8(l). 1. Such records shall be kept and maintained for four years, either on-premises or at an off-site facility, in written or electronic form.

(b) A cannabis delivery service license holder shall collect and report to the Commission for each calendar year at least the following statistical data: 1. The number of ounces of usable cannabis purchased and delivered; 2. The number and ounces of cannabis products purchased and delivered; 3. The number of consumers who purchased each cannabis item delivered by the cannabis delivery service; 4. The total number of cannabis item sales transactions; and 5. Such other information as the Commission may require on a case-by-case basis in the administration and enforcement of this chapter.

17:30-15.4 Cannabis Delivery Service Consumer Education

(a) A cannabis delivery service shall, prior to the opening date of the cannabis business, establish and implement policies describing its plans for providing information and communicating to consumers as to: 1. Limitations of the right to possess and use cannabis items pursuant to the Act and this chapter; 2. The potential side effects of cannabis use; 3. The differing strengths of cannabis items available for delivery by the delivery service; 4. Safe techniques for use of cannabis items and paraphernalia, noting the potential variations in feeling the effects of cannabis; 5. Alternative methods and forms of consumption or inhalation by which one can use cannabis items; 6. Signs and symptoms of substance abuse; 7. Opportunities to participate in substance abuse programs; and 8. Information on tolerance, dependence, and withdrawal.

(b) A cannabis delivery service shall maintain, and make available to consumers, an adequate supply of up-to-date informational materials addressing the matters identified in the policies developed pursuant to (a) above. A cannabis delivery service may fulfill this obligation by providing the informational materials of the cannabis retailer that fulfills a consumer’s purchase order. 1. Informational materials must be available for inspection by the Commission upon request.

17:30-15.5 Cannabis delivery service inventory (a) The inventory of a cannabis delivery service during delivery shall be dependent on the selling cannabis retailer. (b) A cannabis delivery service shall not acquire cannabis items, except pursuant to a purchase order from a consumer.


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