New Jersey Cannabis Delivery Plan


This NJ Dispensary Delivery Plan satisfies the application requirement for a 4-Page Delivery SOP.

Note that Page 205 of the Rules names 8 Delivery Procedures, but these could not fit into the 5-page limit the CRC dictates for this document. We are planning a separate SOP set for later, when the CRC begins requiring more. For now, what we have to offer discusses the policies and names the SOPs. In other words, it gets you through the first stage of the application process.

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This is the regulatory text from the CRC’s Rules on Delivery:

17:30-12.8 Home delivery
(a) A license holder holding a Class 6 Cannabis Delivery license may be authorized by a cannabis retailer to deliver cannabis items to consumers on behalf of that cannabis retailer.

(b) As approved by the Commission and pursuant to N.J.S.A. 24:6I-44.j, on behalf of a cannabis retailer, cannabis business delivery personnel or a cannabis delivery service may deliver cannabis to a consumer at a residence.
1. Cannabis retailers may engage in delivery in any region and may institute geographic and hourly restrictions on where and when they opt to deliver to consumers.
2. Any such restrictions shall be reported to the Commission and listed on the cannabis retailer’s Internet website.
3. Cannabis retailers may change those restrictions; provided, however, that the cannabis retailer gives advance notice of seven days to the Commission and the municipality in which the cannabis retailer is located, the cannabis retailer notifies consumers, and the cannabis retailer posts the changed restrictions online.
4. If servicing different geographic areas on different days or at different times, cannabis retailers shall implement a regular schedule to the extent practicable.

(c) Orders shall be placed in advance, and cannabis items shall be assembled for delivery at the cannabis retailer premises.
1. When a consumer places an order for delivery for the first time with a cannabis retailer, the cannabis retailer may validate the consumer’s age by phone or through 202 online means, provided, however that an in-person verification is conducted by cannabis business delivery personnel prior to sale.

(d) In transit, cannabis items shall be locked and stored in a sanitary and secure lockbox in the delivery vehicle until cannabis business delivery personnel arrive at the delivery address.

(e) When outside of the vehicle to conduct a delivery, or when leaving the vehicle for any other reason, cannabis business delivery personnel shall lock the delivery vehicle and the secure lockbox and engage the vehicle alarm system.

(f) Deliveries may be conducted by a single person; provided, however, that another person that is cannabis retailer or cannabis delivery service personnel, preferably a supervisor, has access to real-time GPS tracking of the delivery vehicle.

(g) A cannabis delivery service and cannabis retailer shall only deliver:
1. To a residence, including a temporary residence, in this State;
2. To a legal consumer whose age has been verified by an examination of the consumer’s photographic identification; and
3. A cannabis item in-person and shall not use an unmanned vehicle.

(h) A cannabis retailer or cannabis delivery service shall not leave cannabis items unattended, such as on a porch or stoop, and shall not deliver in mailboxes or to post office boxes or to any residence located on land owned by the Federal government or any residence on land or in a building leased by the Federal government.

(i) At the door of the consumer, cannabis business delivery personnel shall conduct an in-person visual verification of the photographic identification of the consumer prior to furnishing purchased cannabis items. 203

(j) Cannabis business delivery personnel may make multiple deliveries in one trip and shall travel only between the cannabis retailer premises and residential delivery addresses, except in the event of emergency or dangerous road conditions or as necessary for sanitization, rest, fuel, or vehicle repair stops.
1. A cannabis retailer shall ensure that deliveries are completed in a timely and efficient manner.

(k) All transactions, including the information at

(l) below, shall be appropriately logged in the Commission-designated inventory management system and, as applicable, the cannabis retailer’s internal inventory in accordance with N.J.A.C. 17:30-9.7 and 9.13 and other corresponding rules.

(l) A cannabis retailer shall maintain delivery records, which includes the following information for every delivery conducted by the cannabis retailer or on its behalf:
1. Date and time of delivery;
2. Name, address, and signature of the consumer delivery recipient;
3. Name and Cannabis Business Identification Card number of cannabis business delivery personnel;
4. The name, amount, batch or lot number(s), and tracking number(s) of the cannabis item(s) delivered; and 5. Confirmation of photographic identification verification.

(m) Where a delivery is attempted and not completed and the cannabis item remains in the cannabis business delivery personnel’s possession, the delivery personnel shall return the cannabis item to the originating retailer. The cannabis retailer may repackage 204 and restock the product, logging the product’s amended status in the internal inventory. Such items must be in new, unopened condition prior to restocking.

(n) To the extent practicable, the cannabis retailer and cannabis delivery service shall implement protective measures for delivery to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and other communicable diseases as recommended by the New Jersey Department of Health, the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or health care professionals. These include, but are not limited to, providing cannabis business delivery personnel with hand sanitizer and personal protective equipment.

(o) While conducting a delivery, a person that is cannabis business delivery personnel shall carry: 1. Their Cannabis Business Identification Card; 2. A valid non-probationary driver’s license appropriate to the type of delivery vehicle driven; 3. A cellular telephone to communicate securely with the cannabis retailer; and 4. A physical or electronic copy of the consumer’s delivery request.

(p) A delivery vehicle shall bear no markings that would either identify or indicate that the vehicle is used to deliver cannabis items.

(q) Delivery vehicles shall be equipped with or contain an operational GPS device at all times.

(r) A cannabis retailer and cannabis delivery service shall maintain current hired and nonowned automobile liability insurance sufficient to insure each delivery vehicle in the amount of at least $1,000,000 per occurrence or accident.

(s) A cannabis retailer and cannabis delivery service shall provide the Commission with current information on all delivery vehicles, including each vehicle’s make, model, color, vehicle identification number, license plate number, and vehicle registration.

(t) A cannabis retailer and cannabis delivery service shall provide the Commission with a list of all personnel that will be used as cannabis business delivery personnel, documentation that they have received training for the position, and verification that they have valid non-probationary driver’s licenses appropriate to the type of delivery vehicle driven.

(u) A cannabis retailer shall report any vehicle accidents, diversions, losses, or other reportable events that occur during delivery to the appropriate State and local authorities, including the Commission.

(v) A cannabis retailer may charge a delivery fee, which shall not exceed 10 percent of the pre-tax total for an order.

(w) A cannabis retailer may sell wholesale bulk, packaged, and/or labeled product to another cannabis retailer to conduct deliveries on its behalf.

(x) Prior to initiating delivery services, a cannabis retailer and cannabis delivery service shall provide the Commission with a delivery plan for approval. The delivery plan shall include standard operating procedures for:
1. Taking orders, verifying photographic identification; and taking payments;
2. Logging the transactions in the Commission-designated inventory management system and, as applicable, internal inventory;
3. Conducting in-person deliveries, which shall include protocols for use of personal protective equipment and regular sanitization, if necessary;
4. Maintaining privacy and confidentiality of the purchasing consumer’s purchase information;
5. Training cannabis business delivery personnel;
6. Tracking delivery vehicles and inventory;
7. Security for cannabis business delivery personnel, delivery vehicles, and inventory; and
8. Emergency notification and response in the event of accidents, theft, equipment malfunction, or other emergency events.

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