NJ SOPs for Dispensing Cannabis

New Jersey SOPs for Dispensing Cannabis

Our New Jersey Cannabis SOPs for Dispensing Set includes the following sections and procedures:

17:30-12.1 Cannabis Retailer Premises 1
17:30-12.2 Cannabis Retailer Authorized Conduct; Prohibitions 2
17:30-12.3 Cannabis Retailer Sale to a Consumer 2
Age Verification SOP 2
Selling Cannabis Items SOP 5
17:30-12.4 Curbside Retail Sales 9
Curbside Sales SOP 9
17:30-12.5 Cannabis Retailer Record Keeping; Reporting 9
Record Keeping SOPs 9
17:30-12.6 Cannabis Retailer Consumer Education 14
17:30-12.7 Cannabis Retailer Storage 15
Safe Storage of Products SOP 15
Procedures for Dispensing 18
Procurement SOP 18
Receiving Cannabis Items SOP 23
Customer Service SOP 27
Managing the Retail Environment SOP 31
Safe Handling of Products SOP 35
Handling Returns SOP 37
Cash Handling SOP 39

45 Pages Total

Want to look inside? Our documents are intellectual property and, as such, are not refundable, but you can preview the whole thing via screen share. Contact Jennifer Martin today to schedule a preview.


The CRC Regulations require SOPs for Dispensing to be submitted with both the Conditional and Annual Cannabis Licenses. “Class 5 license applicants only: Shall provide full operating procedures for the provisions of Subchapter 12 of N.J.A.C. 17:30.”

Each subsection of Subchapter 11 is addressed, and a full set of Dispensary SOPs is tacked on to the end.

45 Pages Total

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