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Dispensary Standard Operating Procedures | Dispensary SOPs


(Updated 1/24/24)

Our 4o-page Cannabis Retail SOP Set includes the following standard operating procedures:

Opening and Closing Procedure – 4 pages
Checking in Customers – 4 pages
Customer Service – 4 pages
Handling Transactions – 4 pages
Handling Returns – 2 pages
Safe Handling of Products – 3 pages
Safe Storage of Products – 4 pages
Managing the Retail Environment – 4 pages
Receiving Cannabis Items – 4 pages
Cash Handling – 6.5 pages

Want to look inside? Our documents are intellectual property and, as such, are not refundable, but you can preview the whole thing via screen share. Contact Jennifer Martin today to schedule a preview.

Do You Need Compliance SOPs, such as Waste Management, Inventory Control, Security, Recordkeeping, and Recall?  We have those too! We usually provide those as state-specific documents. Contact Jennifer Martin today to discuss

A la carte SOPs (all of these are included in the Full SOP Set):

Jennifer Martin​Hi, I’m Jennifer Martin. I am a veteran commercial cannabis grower, a master’s educated professional writer, and a big fan of simplifying things and saving time. My colleague and I realized in 2016 that cannabis industry applicants were going to need help with all of the documentation required for licensing, so we wrote these operating plan templates to serve that need.

What’s great about these templates is that we studied cannabis regulations from all over the country and have included every standard topic we could find, with great placeholder text, to save you dozens of hours or thousands of dollars having to hire out custom work or start from scratch.

With hundreds of satisfied customers under our belts, we are certain that we’ve got the best starter operating plan templates for cannabis operators available online.

This plan is an editable document for your cannabusiness.

Unlike other cannabis business websites, this business is owner-operated and I personally stand behind the quality of the available products and services.

cannabis dispensary sopsStandard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are the backbone of any successful dispensary operation. This is a set of employee instructions that is beyond the compliance topics and procedures required by your jurisdiction. This set of SOPs teaches you and your employees to competently handle products and serve customers on a day-to-day basis.

Our Retail Cannabis Dispensary SOPs are written by Don Duncan, who is a co-founder of the oldest legal cannabis dispensary in the country- Berkeley Patients Group. Don operated BPG and then founded and operated the Los Angeles Patient’s Care Collective. He is one of the country’s leading medical cannabis dispensary experts, as well as being a compliance expert across cannabis licensing types.

Dispensary standard operating procedures can be oriented around state rules, but some of them are not relevant to the regulatory agency, such as How to Manage the Retail Environment, Customer Service, Procurement, Handling Returns, etc. This set of Dispensary SOPs is for general use and not compliance related.

Do You Need a Dispensary Business Plan? We Have Several Options.

We also offer custom cannabis dispensary SOPs. Just let us know what you need!

These documents serve as an excellent starting point for a dispensary SOP template set. To start, they give you a basic education on all aspects of dispensary operations, then you can modify them over time to match your unique way of doing things. Most new dispensary operators are also new to the cannabis industry, so these procedures help newbies hit the ground running. Nothing can take the place of operating procedures written by a real dispensary owner with years of hands-on experience.


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