Cannabis Pesticide Control Plan


This 30-page Pest Management and Pesticide Control Plan for cannabis cultivation businesses is a VERY comprehensive document written by seasoned commercial growers who have encountered and dealt with every common cannabis pest. Discounts available for multiple documents. 

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Legal Disclaimer: This is a template that will be delivered to you as an editable MS Word doc. It’s filled in with great information, but is NOT location specific. We’ve done 90% of the heavy lifting.

Cannabis Pest Management Plan

This Marijuana Pest Management Plan is unique among our Operating Plans because it addresses both Pesticide Control, which pertains to managing chemicals in the workplace, natural environment and in consumable products and IPM- Integrated Pest Management, which pertains to preventing, monitoring, identifying and treating common cannabis pest infestations. So this document serves as both a pre-license and post license operating plan with Standard Operating Procedures.

The term “pest” includes both insects and microbial infections (such as Powdery Mildew, Botrytis, Fusarium and Pythium), and managing these problems is absolutely critical to succeeding as a commercial cannabis cultivator. Newbies often underestimate the risk that pest problems pose to their bottom line and how likely they are to encounter these problems, so I just want to remind you of that risk now, while you are still planning your project. The right design considerations along with daily protocols can keep pests and pesticides under control so that cultivators can focus simply on growing cannabis, rather than damage control once an infestation has become full blown.


This Cannabis Pesticide Control / Pest Management Operations Plan is immediately downloadable via email link after you complete your purchase, in the form of Word Doc that you can edit and customize. At 30 pages longs, this document addresses how to approach Pesticide Management in a cultivation facility. ​Like all of our operating plans, we expect you to read and customize this document before submitting it with your license application. If you are new to the cannabis industry, our templates will educate you on how to learn most of the tasks related to executing your project, so think of these documents as “Getting Started Guides” for each of the major site management categories.

Special Note: This document is intended for projects in the pre-license phase of a cannabis business. It is designed to get your started in meeting the regulatory requirements of your jurisdiction. ​

Disclaimer: This document is a template and thus does not necessarily address the specifics of your regional regulations. It contains the combined industry standards of many different states and countries. We strongly suggest that you consult a cannabis attorney to finalize your application materials in order to ensure a smooth application process. We are not liable for any discrepancies between these documents and the specific requirements of your jurisdiction. ​​ ​​



Roles and Responsibilities
Introduction to Integrated Pest Management
Preventing Pests – Physical Controls
Preventing Pests- Cultural Practices
Identifying Pests/Visual Inspections
Treating Specific Pest Infestations
Pesticide Storage Protocols
Storage and Use of Pesticides
List of Pesticides, Fungicides and Herbicides to Be Used
Pesticide Use Safety Protocols
Respiratory Protection and PPE
Employee Notification of Restricted Entry Interval
Pesticide Spill Protocols
Pesticide Disposal Protocols
Considerations for Each Crop Life Cycle Stage
Cloning/Propagation Stage
Vegetative Growth Stage
Early Flowering Stage
Late Flowering Stage
1 Pesticide Safety Checklist
2 Pesticide Application Log
3 Sticky Trap Inspection Log
4 Visual Inspection Log
5 Pesticide Safety Data Docs
6 State-approved Pesticides (CA)
7 State-banned Pesticides (CA)
8 Maximum Pesticide Thresholds for Post-Harvest Lab Clearance (CA)

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Sample pages from this cannabis pesticide control plan:

cannabis ipm plan

marijuana pesticide plan

cannabis pesticide plan



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