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New York Cannabis Grower Consultant

Jennifer Martin – Commercial Cannabis Expert

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Cultivation Sector Consulting was founded as a commercial cannabis cultivation consulting business, with Jennifer Martin as the sole owner/operator. Jennifer has 25 years experience as a commercial grower, with the first 18 being in Northern California as a large-scale clone producer for licensed medical marijuana dispensaries.

Jennifer is also a Cannabis Cup winner with high quality flower sensibilities, mixed with an insistence on efficient modernized operations. Her main interest is in creating the ideal conditions for commercial indoor cultivation of elite cultivars without investing excessive time into getting high yields and top-shelf quality.

Jennifer has become a custom nutrient expert in her quest to save money while improving results. She is also an advocate of 2-tier vertical LED grows, for the sake of maximizing yields and saving energy. Jennifer was one of the earliest advocates of LED cultivation and rarely works on HPS projects anymore.She acts as a cultivation consultant for license applicants, facility design, and for licensed cultivators who simply seek to improve their operations.

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Jennifer has evolved from being someone who knows how to grow commercial cannabis to being someone who stays connected to best practices and industry standards. She has added HVAC, Extraction, Tissue Culture, Retail and Compliance Experts to her team, to ensure the client’s central needs can all be met.