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How Cultivation Sector Consulting Operates

Cultivation Sector Consulting was founded by Jennifer Martin in 2014 as a one-person operation, focusing only on indoor grow operation layouts and cultivation methods.

After observing and participating in dozens of projects, Jennifer developed a much clearer perspective on how projects should proceed in order to succeed in the long run.

Indoor Cannabis Projects are divided into two main categories; they are either outfitting an existing building or doing ground-up construction. Beyond that, most of them are seeking to produce craft quality cannabis and extracts, albeit by a variety of different means.

In addition to layout and cultivation methods, Jennifer became aware over time that most clients would also benefit from support in the areas of climate controls, system controls, compliance, tissue culture methods and extraction techniques.

As of 2020, Jennifer has added several consulting team members to Cultivation Sector Consulting with unique specialties, for the purpose of better serving clients with their increasingly complex needs.

For pre-license applicants, we offer a wide variety of business planning and operational documents. For operators ready to build out their facilities, we can help design and plan all of the major mechanical and cultivation systems that will work well and accommodate any typical industry-standard commercial cultivation method.

Cultivation Sector Consulting quotes some projects based on a flat rate and others by the hour. We are very careful with tracking time on hourly projects and hold a high standard of integrity and customer satisfaction.

References are available upon request.

All of our consultants work solely for the best interest of the client, with no hidden gains to be had by recommending certain contractors or equipment companies.

Our team of experts cover the following areas of expertise: Indoor Facility Design, Flower Production, Commercial Cloning, Custom Cannabis Nutrients, Extraction, Tissue Culture, On-site Training, HVACD (climate control technologies), and Compliance.

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