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We now have templates available to help California cannabis license applicants with their state forms for submission to the Deparment of Cannabis Control (DCC). Our placeholder text has proven successful in meeting DCC regulations and satisfying requirements for DCC license types.

Our templates are for the following license types: Cultivation, Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail and Microbusiness (multiple license types).

Click the form you need below, and you’ll be able to choose the one for your license type/s after that.

The Department of Cannabis Control Forms are the same as DCC SOPs. DCC regulations and DCC guidance (government-published FAQs and support) do not teach you how to fill in these forms. The DCC published slightly modified versions of the older BCC SOP forms in September 2021. They are not substantially different than the BCC forms; the only difference is the removal of the phrase “cannabis goods” and substitution of terms “products” and “batches”.

Surprisingly, the questions asked on these California Cannabis DCC forms are fairly basic, and the amount of detail required to satisfy the Deparment is limited in comparison to other states’ cannabis regulatory agencies. So take heart! If you were in another state, your application and licensing workload would be higher.

The most difficult hurdle for any cannabis entity in California is for outdoor growers. They must overcome CEQA requirements, including roadblocks from the Dept of Fish and Wildlife. We do not handle those situations because they are so variable from one grower to the next. We can help with DCC Procedures once the CEQA is handled.

Most DCC applicants are Microbusiness operators, meaning they have 3 or 4 of the license types under one business entity from this list: Retail (non-storefront or storefront), Distribution, Manufacturing, and Cultivation.

Click on a DCC Form type below to buy one of our templates or read more about them. We have the DCC-LIC-015 (Transportation Procedures), DCC-LIC-016 (Inventory Procedures), DCC-LIC-017 (Non-Laboratory Quality Control Procedures), DCC-LIC-018 (Security Procedures) and DCC-LIC-020 (Delivery Procedures) forms available, plus hourly California cannabis compliance consulting if you need more support getting your cannabis business application ready to submit.

What if one of the DCC SOP Procedure Forms doesn’t apply to your license type?

Although all 5 of these forms must be submitted for each license type, some of the forms and answer do not apply to certain California cannabis license types. For example, Transportation only applies to the Distribution license type. In this case, other license types will need to submit this form, but state as the first answer, “As a Cultivation/Manufacturing/Retail Applicant, our company does not transport cannabis” and state “N/A” for the remaining questions on that form.

As another example, Retail applicants are not allowed to package and label cannabis, so several of the answers in the Quality Control Form (DCC-LIC-017) are not applicable, so the form should be submitted stating in response to Question #1, “As a Retail applicant, our company does not package or label cannabis.” and all subsequent questions on that form pertaining to packaging and labeling should be answered with “N/A”.

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The templates and information on this page are suitable for projects seeking the following:

* DCC Manufacturing License (as part of a Microbusiness or standalone)
* DCC Dispensary License (Retail Storefront or Non-Storefront)
* DCC Distribution License (as part of a Microbusiness or standalone)
* DCC Microbusiness License
* DCC Cultivation License (as part of a Microbusiness or standalone)

Haven’t seen the DCC License Application Requirements or website? Go straight to the applicable cannabis licensing page on their website.

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