Cannabis Health and Safety Plan


Our Cannabis Operating Plan Templates are the best you’ll find to meet cannabis compliance requirements because they are written by real commercial growers and compliance experts. Discounts available for multiple documents.

Documents are intellectual property and, as such, are not refundable, but you can preview the whole thing via screen share. Contact Jennifer Martin today to schedule a time. 

Disclaimer: This is a template that will be delivered to you as an editable MS Word doc. It’s filled in with great information, but is NOT location specific. We’ve done 90% of the heavy lifting.

Jennifer Martin​Hi, I’m Jennifer Martin. I am a veteran commercial cannabis grower, a master’s educated professional writer, and a big fan of simplifying things and saving time. My colleague and I realized in 2016 that cannabis industry applicants were going to need help with all of the documentation required for licensing, so we wrote these operating plan templates to serve that need.

What’s great about these templates is that we studied cannabis regulations from all over the country and have included every standard topic we could find, with great placeholder text, to save you dozens of hours or thousands of dollars having to hire out custom work or start from scratch.

With hundreds of satisfied customers under our belts, we are certain that we’ve got the best starter operating plan templates for cannabis operators available online.

This 79-page Cannabis Health & Safety Guide is an editable document for your cannabusiness. It’s a post-license document that covers all worker- and visitor-related safety issues, so you can get compliant for your upcoming OSHA inspections. Mainly written for cultivation and production facilities, but it can easily be retooled for any cannabis license type, include retail dispensary, manufacturing, processing and distribution.
Unlike other cannabis websites, this business is owner-operated and I personally stand behind the quality of the available products and services.

Table of Contents
Introduction 5
Policy statement 5
Dissemination 5
Responsibilities 6
Management Responsibilities 6
Workers’ Compensation 6
Chief Compliance Officer 6
Safety Committee 8
Facilities Manager 9
Security Manager 9
Employee Responsibilities 9
All-Hands Safety Meetings 10
Hazard Prevention and Control 10
Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) 12
Hazard Communication Plan (HAZCOM) 14
Purpose 14
Responsibilities 15
Identification of Hazardous Materials 15
Container Labeling 16
Physical Hazards 17
Environmental Hazards 17
Special Tasks 18
Hazard Communication Training 18
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 19
Documentation and Records 19
Chemical Storage 20
Selection of a Storage Area 20
The Storage Facility 20
Hazardous Material Segregation 21
Handling 21
Safe Storage Practices 22
Safety Inspection Procedures 22
Addressing Unsafe Work Practices 23
Hazard Reporting 24
Safety Rules and Procedures 24
Basic Safety Rules 25
Working With Water 26
Hazardous Chemicals in Pipes 26
Ladder Safety 26
Lifting Tasks 27
Electrical Safety 28
Respiratory Protection 29
Hazardous Gases 30
Carbon Dioxide 30
Bloodborne Pathogen Control 31
Equipment Handling and Maintenance 31
Lockout 33
Heat Stress 36
Hearing Protection 38
Poisoning 38
Mechanical Equipment 40
Bio-contamination 41
Sanitation and Safety Procedures Specific to Cultivation Activities 43
Trimming Equipment/Blades/Scissors 43
Pruning 43
Plant Room Cleaning 44
Plant Container Washing 44
Dry Room Cleaning 44
Post-Harvest Cleaning 45
Mixing Salt-based Fertilizers 45
Plant Waste Grinder/Shredder 46
Repetitive Cultivation Tasks 47
Pesticides 48
Emergency Action Plan (EAP) 49
Engineering Controls for Emergency Response 50
Evacuation 50
Evacuation Routes 50
Accounting for Employees After an Evacuation 51
Emergency Response 51
Medical Emergency 51
Fire Prevention Plan 52
Fire Emergencies 53
Locations of Fire Extinguishers and First Aid Kits 56
Chemical Spills 56
Earthquake 58
Hurricane and Tsunami Events 58
Floods 59
Unforeseen Weather Conditions and Blizzards 59
Lightning Strikes 60
Roof Leaks 60
Power Outage 61
Emergency Equipment Locations 61
Fire Extinguishers and First Aid Kits 61
Emergency Lighting 61
Emergency Washing Facilities 61
Emergency Incident Reporting 62
Safety Training 62
Critical Shutdown Procedures 63
Emergency Response Training 63
Drills and Emergency Exercises 64
PPE Training 64
Pesticide Safety Training 64
Toolbox Trainings 65
Employee Orientation Checklist 65
Policy Review 65
Disciplinary Policy 66
Incident Reporting and Investigation 66
Incident Reporting Procedure 66
Incident Investigation Procedure 66
Appendices 68
Appendix 1 – Job Hazard Analysis Form 68
Appendix 2 – Hazardous Chemical List – SDS 69
Appendix 3 – Hazard Report Form 70
Appendix 4 – Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Assessment 71
Appendix 5 – PPE Inspection Questionnaire 72
Appendix 6 – Safety Inspection Guide 73
Appendix 7 – Equipment Maintenance List 75
Appendix 8 – Incident Report Form 76
Appendix 9 – Company Contacts for Emergency Reporting 77
Appendix 10 – Mandatory Safety Training List 78
Appendix 11 – Critical Shutdown Procedure Assignments 79

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