Cannabis Retail Procedures

Cannabis Retail Dispensary Procedures – SOPs


This 135-page Comprehensive Retail Cannabis SOP Set contains over 100 SOPs to cover every aspect of running a Cannabis Retail Business.

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Disclaimer: This is a template that will be delivered to you as an editable MS Word doc. It’s filled in with great information, but is NOT location specific. We’ve done 90% of the heavy lifting.

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Jennifer Martin​Hi, I’m Jennifer Martin. I am a veteran commercial cannabis grower, a master’s educated professional writer, and a big fan of simplifying things and saving time. My colleague and I realized in 2016 that cannabis industry applicants were going to need help with all of the documentation required for licensing, so we wrote these operating plan templates to serve that need.

What’s great about these templates is that we studied cannabis regulations from all over the country and have included every standard topic we could find, with great placeholder text, to save you dozens of hours or thousands of dollars having to hire out custom work or start from scratch.

With hundreds of satisfied customers under our belts, we are certain that we’ve got the best starter operating plan templates for cannabis operators available online.

This plan is an editable document for your cannabusiness.

Unlike other cannabis business websites, this business is owner-operated and I personally stand behind the quality of the available products and services.

Table of Contents

Inspections and Examinations of Records 5

Recording a Sales Transaction 6

Recordkeeping 7

Surveillance System Records and Recordings 8

Employee SOPs 10

Employee IT Security Training 10

Employee Sanitation and Health 11

Handwashing 12

Incident Response Training 13

New Employee and Annual Training 14

Facilities SOPs 15

Facility Maintenance and Cleaning 15

Inventory Management SOPs 16

Handling an Inventory Discrepancy 16

Improper Storage Conditions 17

Incoming Product Transport Manifests 18

Inventory Limits 19

Inventory Management Overview 20

Inventory Management: Handling Unresolved Inventory 21

Performing Inventory Reconciliation 22

Storing Inventory 23

Inventory Tracking SOPs 24

Employee Statewide Track and Trace System Access 24

Entering Shipping Manifests into Track and Trace 25

Required Inventory Tracking 27

Tracking an Inventory Item 29

Packaging And Labeling SOPs 30

Product Packaging and Labeling 30

Quality SOPs 32

Internal Quality Assurance Audit 32

Product Recalls 33

Quality Control Overview 34

Quality Control Training 35

Refusal of Incoming Cannabis Product 36

Returns of Defective Manufactured Products 37

Reporting Requirements SOPs 38

Civil Penalty or Judgement 38

Criminal Conviction of Any Owner 38

Delivery Documentation & Recordkeeping 39

Inventory Reconciliation Records 40

Premises Modification Pre-Approval 41

Reporting an Incident – Management 42

Reporting an Incident – Retail Employee 43

Reporting an Incident – Security Personnel 44

Reporting an Incident- Director of Security 45

Revocation of Local Authorization 46

Statewide Track and Trace System Reporting 47

Retail Delivery SOPs 48

Delivery Overview 48

Delivery Request Receipts 49

Delivery Requests – By Delivery App 50

Delivery Requests – By Phone 51

Delivery Requests – Online Orders 53

Delivery Route Planning 54

Delivery Team 55

Retail SOPs 56

Acquiring Wholesale Cannabis Product 56

Creating a Sales Invoice for Another Licensee 57

Customer Access 59

Customer Returns 60

Display of Cannabis Inventory 61

Exit Package 62

Performing a Sales Transaction 63

Retail Operations 64

Shipping and Receiving Area 65

Unauthorized Entry Response 66

Sanitation SOPs 68

Contamination Prevention 68

Daily Facility Cleaning 69

Dehumidifier Equipment Cleaning & Maintenance 70

Disinfectants and Cleaning Agents 71

Equipment Cleaning and Maintenance 71

Heating & Cooling Cleaning – Daily 72

Heating & Cooling Cleaning – Monthly 73

Ventilation System Cleaning & Maintenance 74

Weighing & Measuring Equipment Cleaning and Maintenance 75

Security SOPs 76

Alarm System Communication 76

Alarm System 77

Armed Robbery Response – Retail Employees 78

Armed Robbery Response – Security Personnel 79

Assigning Employee Permissions and Credentials 81

Cargo Theft Prevention 82

Checking Camera Coverage and Placement 83

Disasters 84

Employee Facility Access 85

Evacuation of Facility 86

Facility Access Control 87

Facility Closure 88

Incident Assessment and Containment 89

Incident Resolution and Review 90

Incident Response Drills 91

Information Technology Security 91

Issuance of a Visitor ID Badge 92

Larceny and Diversion Response – Management 93

Larceny and Diversion Response – Security 94

Larceny and Diversion Response- Retail Employee 95

Lost Keycard Access Credentials – Interior 96

Lost Keycard Access Credentials- Exterior 97

Secure Retail Operations Overview 98

Securing Protected Information 99

Security Overview 100

Security Personnel Training 102

Security’s Response to a Complaint 103

Suspended Employee Access Credentials Return 104

Terminated Employee Access Credentials Return 105

Testing the Alarm System 106

Testing the Video Surveillance System 107

Video Surveillance System Overview 108

Fire 110

Transportation SOPs 111

Transportation Overview 111

Transportation Vehicles 112

Visitor SOPs 114

Visitor Access Control 114

Waste SOPs 116

Accidental Cannabis Waste 116

Cannabis Waste Disposal Records 117

Cannabis Waste Streams 118

Depositing Cannabis Waste 119

Rendering Cannabis Waste 120

Dispensary SOP Sample Pages

Record Keeping Dispensary SOP
Cannabis Dispensary Sales Transaction SOP
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