New Jersey Cannabis Cultivation Plan


This 100-page Cultivation Operating Plan application template is a very dense document, written in 10pt single-spaced text, it includes the following sections:

  • Applicant Experience with Commercial Cannabis Production
  • Demonstration of Knowledge of Good Agricultural Practices
  • Quality Control and Assurance Plan
  • Recall Plan
  • Packaging and Labeling Plan
  • Inventory Control Plan
  • Cannabis Testing Plan
  • Water Management Practices
  • Odor Mitigation
  • Record Keeping Plan
  • Description of Strains/Genetics
  • Pest Control and Disease Management Plan
  • Nutrient and Pesticide Usage Plan
  • Waste Disposal Plan
  • Security Plan
  • Environmental Impact Plan
  • Diversion Prevention Plan
  • Emergency Management Plan
  • Procedures for Performing Criminal History Background Checks on Employees
  • Description of Compliance with Applicable Laws and Regulations
  • Cybersecurity Plan
  • Electrical and Water Usage Estimates

In the two previous medical cannabis licensing rounds in New Jersey, all of this information had a 100-page limit and is described as a “summary” comprising “Part B” of the application. In August 2021, we will know more about how this next round of licensing will go, once the regulations are published.

Want to look inside? Plans are NON-REFUNDABLE (because you can’t unsee them), but you can preview the entire document before you buy! Contact Jennifer now to schedule a screen share preview.

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New Jersey Cultivation Application 2021 – Operating Plan Template

Need Help Getting Started with Your New Jersey Cannabis Cultivation Application? 

This NJ Marijuana Cultivation Operating Plan template will save you hundreds of hours preparing your application materials!

New Jersey Cannabis Cultivation License 2021

Cultivation Sector Consulting is a Proud Member of the New Jersey Cannabis Business Association

It’s exciting to see the adult-use cannabis industry finally coming to fruition in NJ! All adults should have the right to consume cannabis, so it’s great that New Jersey is willing to be a leader, beating New York to the creation of a recreational market.

The licensing process and requirements for the state have not yet been fully determined, but if we refer to what NJ has done in the past with its medical cannabis licensing program, licensing requirements will be on par with what we’ve seen in states with the strictest big-business corporate licensing regimes.

This Cultivation Operating Plan includes several sub-plans: Applicant Experience with Commercial Cannabis Production, Demonstration of Knowledge of Good Agricultural Practices, Quality Control and Assurance Plan, Recall Plan, Packaging and Labeling Plan, Inventory Control Plan, Cannabis Testing Plan, Water Management Practices, Odor Mitigation, Record Keeping Plan, Description of Strains/Genetics, Pest Control and Disease Management Plan, Nutrient and Pesticide Usage Plan, Waste Disposal Plan, Security Plan, Cybersecurity Plan, Emergency Management Plan, Diversion Prevention Plan, Environmental Impact Plan, and Electrical and Water Usage Estimates.

Applying for a Marijuana Cultivation License in New Jersey in 2021?

As of the date of writing this webpage, we are awaiting final regulations and the schedule for accepting applications from the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission. Their deadline to publish this information is August 21st, 2021, so it’s coming soon!

How Many Cultivation Permits Will Be Granted in New Jersey?

The State of NJ will be granting 37 non-microlicense (bigger than 2500sq.ft.) cannabis cultivation licenses in 2021. These license applications will be scored, compared and judged against each other to determine the winners.

New Jersey is being thoughtful and unique in its creation of micro-licenses, where for all license types, the process will be streamlined and non-competitive for businesses with less than 10 employees and certain limitations of size and volume in monthly output. This will greatly encourage small cannabis businesses and craft cultivation, and it gives everyone who is interested a chance to have a license.

If you are applying for a Microlicense, click here for more information (link will not be active until regulations are published in August 2021).

From what we can tell so far, only large cultivation licenses will be limited for the first two years; other license types (Distributor, Wholesaler, Manufacturer, Retailer and Retail Delivery) will apparently not be limited.
NJ Cannabis Grow License

Over time, the rules will loosen up for larger cultivation businesses, but for now, you’ve got about 500 hours of time to put into gathering and organizing your cannabis cultivation application materials. With the cannabis application license templates we sell here, we believe we’ve reduced your workload by at least 300 hours. We know that because that’s literally how long it took us to write all these plans!

The operating plan templates we offer are written from the standpoint of a hypothetical cannabis license applicant. It’s as if you are getting to see a competitor’s completed application and can use it to easily create your own custom cultivation application.

Contact us today for a pre-purchase tour of the documents! View before you buy and get a fee Q&A session at the same time.

What else should NJ cannabis growers know as they begin the licensing process?

If you are applying for one of the larger cultivation licenses and must compete with other applicants, there are 4 main components of a winning application: 1) evidence of solid financial backing, 2) evidence of sufficient commercial cannabis production experience, 3) proof of ownership (or owner’s permission to use) of an adequate and properly located cannabis production facility, and 4) a complete and well organized application.

New Jersey Cannabis Consultant

Jennifer Martin – Commercial Cannabis Expert


Hi, I’m Jennifer Martin. I’ve been working on cannabis industry documents and application materials since 2016, and I’ve been designing and operating cannabis cultivation facilities for over 20 years. At heart, I’m a commercial grower, and I wish it were easy to legally set up shop anywhere and just grow cannabis plants for a living. Unfortunately though, many states are concerned about seeming too liberal about legalizing psychoactive substances, so they are generally making it difficult, if not impossible, to get a cannabis license. This is finally changing in New Jersey!


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