Illinois Craft Grower Cultivation Plan


This 50-page Cultivation Plan is meant to satisfy 95%+ of the requirements for Exhibit D of the Craft Grower License Application.

Priced at ONLY $37 per page. All dense, relevant content.

“Exhibit D: Cultivation Plan Applicant must: (1) describe its plan to provide a steady, uninterrupted supply of cannabis to registered dispensaries; (2) demonstrate knowledge of cultivation methods to be used, including the various Strains to be cultivated and the Applicant’s experience, if applicable, with growing those Strains or comparable agricultural products; (3) demonstrate the steps that will be taken to ensure the quality of the cannabis, including the purity and consistency, of the cannabis to be provided to dispensaries.” 

This newly posted plan addresses each of sections in detail, including the following sections listed below.

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Table of Contents

Steady Uninterrupted Supply of Cannabis – 25 pts (Measure 1, item 1 of 1) 3
Team Experience 3
Good Methodology and Workflow Design 5
Plant Room Types and Canopy Sizes 5
Ancillary Rooms/Areas 7
Production and Inventory Management 8
Strict Adherence to Process Schedules and Procedures 10
Rapid Identification and Correction of Problematic Outcomes 10
Demonstrated Knowledge of Cultivation Methods – 25 pts (Measure 2, item 1 of 2) 11
Cultivation Strategy 13
Media/Containers 14
Crop Inputs 14
Irrigation System 16
Cultivation System Monitoring 17
Research & Development 18
Breeding and Genetics 18
Strains to be Grown and Applicant’s Experience (Measure 2, item 2 of 2) 19
Relevant Traits 19
Catalog of Strains 21
Steps to Ensure Quality (Purity/Consistency) (Measure 3 – 25 pts) 24
Process Components of Quality Assurance 25
Hazard Risk Assessment 25
Preventive Measures 25
Testing 26
Control of Raw Materials, Solvents, Impurities, and Pesticides 26
Cultivar Identification 27
Cultivation and Processing Standards 28
Soil/Grow Media Standards 28
Water Quality 29
Plant Maintenance and Inspection 29
Harvest Standards 30
Post-harvest Processing 30
Site Sanitation 31
Storage and Transportation Standards 31
Plant Inspection 31
Pest Management 32
Prevention 33
Visual Identification 34
Treatment 35
List of Pesticides to be Used 35
Appendix 1 – Cultivar Log 38
Appendix 2 – Nutrient Input Use Record 39
Appendix 3 – Pesticide Application Log 40
Appendix 4 – Pest Sticky Trap Inspection Log 41
Appendix 5 – Pest/Disease Visual Inspection Log 42
Appendix 1 – Trim Log 44


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