Illinois Cannabis Applicants

If you are considering applying for a craft grower or infuser cannabis license in Illinois, be aware that the application requirements are intensive. The methods you can use to gather all of your application materials are the following:

  • You can hire a law firm to put all of the legal documents and exhibits together, and this will cost $75,000-$200,000.
  • You can hire a competitive cannabis consulting firm to put most of your documents together, which will be customized to your facility and team. This will cost $60,000-$80,000, and some consulting groups will also ask for bonuses of a similar amount if you win the license.
  • You can put all of the documents together on your own, from scratch. This will save you the most money but lack legal or industry expertise and will take hundreds of hours. It will reduce your chances of winning in a highly competitive process.
  • You can start with template sets like ours that are written to meet the Illinois application requirements by people with extensive licensing and cannabis industry experience. You would then customize them to your project and have a lawyer review them before submitting. These templates are written from the standpoint of a hypothetical applicant using high-quality industry standard information.

Jennifer Martin – Commercial Cannabis Expert

Since January 7th 2020, we have spent hundreds of hours reading the IL adult-use cannabis regulations and writing over 300 pages of exhibit content. Our goal is to save you time and money getting your application materials together while also teaching you through the documents what to expect in becoming a legal cannabis cultivation entrepreneur.

We are selling this document set for $25 per page. (Individual documents are priced at $30 per page.) This is a savings of just over $1500!

We believe these 301 pages of comprehensive and highly detailed templates are your best best for submitting an efficient, economical and successful cannabis license application!

We invite you to preview the documents through a screen share phone call by contact Jennifer Martin today:


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