Illinois Environmental Plan


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Exhibit I: Environmental Plan
Applicant must: (1) provide or demonstrate a plan to minimize the carbon footprint, environmental impact, and
resource needs for the production of cannabis and; (2) describe any plans for the use of alternative energy,
treatment of waste water and run off, and treatment of exchanged air.
Total Points: 20
Page Limit: 10

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Introduction 3
Minimizing Carbon Footprint 3
Minimizing Environmental Impact 4
Building Design 4
Green Materials 4
High Insulation Value 4
Minimal Air Exchanges 5
Odor Control 5
UVC and HEPA filtration for Admin and LAA functions 5
Energy-Efficient Fixtures 6
Wiring and Voltage 6
Electrical Time of Use 6
Office/Facility Policies 6
Waste Minimization 7
Minimizing Resources Needs for the Production of Cannabis 8
High Performance Cultivation Techniques 8
Data Logging for Optimizing Usage 8
Alternative Energy Plans 9
Renewable Energy 9
Water Usage and Treatment of Wastewater and Runoff 9
Water Reclamation/Filtration 9
Drip Irrigation System 10
Water Usage Assurances 10
Treatment of Exchanged Air 11
Equipment and Water Efficiency 11
HVAC/Environmental Controls 11
Lighting 12
Regular Servicing and Sanitation 12
Research and Process Reviews 12


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