Illinois Facility Suitability Plan


This 50+ page Plan is meant to satisfy 95% of the requirements of Exhibit A: Suitability of Proposed Facility for the Illinois Craft Grower License Application. You will need to replace our placeholder information with your unique information, but this document makes it easy!

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From the Illinois Cannabis Regulations:

Exhibit A: Suitability of the Proposed Facility Applicant must: (1) demonstrate that the proposed craft grower facility is suitable for effective and safe cultivation of cannabis; (2) demonstrate the ability to meet consumer demand by operating the craft grow facility in a safe and efficient manner with minimal impact on the environment and the surrounding community; and (3) provide an Operations and Management Practices Plan. Total Points: 75 Page Limit: 50

The main purpose of this plan is to describe your facility, its infrastructure, design, layout and to provide an Operations Management Plan that outlines all of your day-to-day processes for cultivation, infusing, extraction, etc. See below for Table of Contents.

Contact Jennifer Martin for a preview and to ask any questions. Plans are non-refundable, so it’s important to see it before you buy!


Illinois Craft Grower – Exhibit A: Suitability of Facility  (75 points)  1

The Proposed Facility is Suitable for Effective and Safe Cultivation of Cannabis (Measure 1 – 25 pts) 3

Building Location/Zoning/Proximity/Accessibility 4

Building Usage Rights 6

Permits/Neighborhood Acceptance 6

Size/Utilities/Construction Materials 7

Water Infrastructure and Filtration 8

Estimated Electrical and Water Usage 9

Electrical Usage Estimates 9

Water Usage Estimates – Entire Facility Breakdown 10

Interior Layout and Lighting 11

Layout 11

Lighting 12

Environmental Controls Description and Standards 14

Meet Consumer Demand by operating a facility in a safe an efficient manner w/Minimal Environmental and Community Impact (Measure 2 – 25pts) 15

Security 15

Increased Traffic 15

Hours of Operation 16

Noise 16

Odor Control/Air Quality Plan 16

Implementation Timeline 17

Areas Associated with Cannabis Odor Emissions 18

Specific Odor Emitting Activities 18

Intensity of Odor Emitting Activities 19

Operational Odor Mitigation Measures 19

Handling 20

Curing 20

Storage 20

Processing 20

Physical Measures 20

Negative Air Pressure 20

Exhaust 21

Air Filtration/Exchange 21

Doors and Windows 21

System Maintenance 22

Schedule 22

Odor Control Equipment Maintenance 23

Responding to Complaints 23

Complaints Resolution 24

Mandatory Notification 24

Compliant Operations and Management Practices Plan (Measure 3 – 25 pts) 24

Types and Quantities of Cannabis Products to be Produced at the Facility 25

Methods of Planting (Seeds or Clones), Harvesting, Drying and Storage of Cannabis 25

Planting Seeds and Clones 25

Harvesting 26

Drying 27

Storage 27

Best Practices For Cultivation (Optional – blend in with Cultivation Stages above if more content is needed) 28

Sprouting Seeds 28

Creating and Maintaining Mother Plants 30

Cloning SOP 32

Vegetative Growth 32

Flowering 33

Harvesting 34

Trimming 35

Estimated Waste Production and Disposal Plan 35

Waste Safety and Security Assurances 37

Waste Classification – Legal Categories 38

Lamps/Bulbs 39

Pesticide Waste Management & Storage 40

Solid Cannabis Waste Storage and Disposal 41

Composting of Solid Cannabis Waste 42

Liquid Cannabis Waste Management and Disposal 43

Recycling Plan 44

Crop Input Quantity Estimates and Disposal 44

Methods for Training Employees for the Specific Phases of Production 45

Biosecurity Measures to be Implemented for Plant Production 45

High Quality Redundant Mechanical Systems 47

Automated Backup Power/Generator 48

Equipment Maintenance 48

Appendix 1 – Climate Control Equipment Spec Sheets 50

Appendix 2 – Utility and other Infrastructural Contracts Proving Planned Building Upgrades and Construction 51

Appendix 3 – Odor Control Equipment Maintenance Log 51

Appendix 4 – Odor Complaint and Response Tracking 53


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