Illinois Security & Record Keeping Plan


This 68-page Security and Record Keeping Plan is tailor-made to match up with Illinois cannabis license requirements. It will be available for preview and purchase on January 21st, 2020.

Priced at only $33 per page! A custom application job would cost 10x more, and having your admin write it would cost just as much, but without the expertise. Our writers are veterans with state cannabis regulations and know what application judges like to see.

Exhibit C states that “The Security Plan and Recordkeeping Applicant must:

(1) demonstrate ability to prevent the theft or diversion of cannabis and how the plan will assist ISP, Department, and local law enforcement in carrying out law enforcement responsibilities, including evidence of compliance with all items in Sections 1300.355, 1300.380, and 1300.385 of the emergency rules;

2) demonstrate that its plan for record keeping, tracking and monitoring inventory, quality control and security and other policies and procedures will discourage unlawful activity, including a description of the Applicant’s plan to coordinate with and dispose of unused or surplus cannabis with ISP and the Department;

(3) describe the enclosed, locked facility for securing and storing cannabis and the Applicant’s security measures, including measures for when the location is closed for business and steps taken to ensure that cannabis is not visible to the public;

(4) Applicant must also provide its plan to apply for a Transporter license or plan to work with a licensed Transporter and the procedures for safely and securely delivering cannabis and cannabis-infused products to cannabis business establishments.


Introduction 3
Ability to Prevent Theft/Diversion – 40 pts (Measure 1, Item 1 of 5) 4
Assistance to Law Enforcement and Regulating Agencies (Measure 1, Item 2 of 5) 4
Compliance with Section 1300.355, Records (Measure 1, Item 3 of 5) 5
Record Keeping Responsibilities 7
General Record Keeping Policies 9
Record Integrity 10
Paper and Electronic Records 10
Privacy 12
Employee Involvement 12
Compliance with Section 1300.380, Inventory (Measure 1, Item 4 of 5) 12
Inventory Control System (ICS) Procedures 14
Employee Involvement 14
Inventory Control System (ICS) Management 15
Product Inventory Management 16
Inventory Management Specific to Cultivation 16
Inventory Tracking Assurances 18
Internal Transfers/Changes in Disposition 19
Transfers Off the Premises 20
Inventory Control of Unused/Surplus Cannabis Waste 20
ICS Notifications 21
Inventory Records Maintenance 21
Inventory Verification 22
Loss of Access to the ICS 23
Compliance with Section 1300.385, Security (Measure 1, Item 5 of 5) 23
Discouraging Unlawful Activity – 40 pts (Measure 2, Item 1 of 2) 25
Record Keeping 26
Inventory Tracking and Monitoring 26
Quality Control 26
Security 27
Security Protections against Internal Diversion 27
Security Protections against Burglary 28
Security Protections against Robbery 28
Disposal of Unused/Surplus Cannabis (Measure 2, Item 2 of 2) 28
Notice to the Department 29
Compliance with 1300.820, Method of Destruction 29
Compliance with Section 1300.840, Disposal 30
Facility Security – 40 pts (Measure 3, Item 1 of 4) 30
Security Manager 31
Security Controls and Equipment 33
Building Diagram of Locations Having Equipment Related to Security 33
Alarm System 34
Perimeter Security 35
Locks/Cabinets/Safes/Vaults 35
Lighting Description: Interior/Exterior 36
Interior 36
Exterior 37
Signage 37
Security Equipment Maintenance 37
Backup Power System 38
Security Measures (Measure 3, Item 2 of 4) 38
Security Emergency Action Plan (EAP) 38
Engineering Controls for Emergency Response 39
Armed Robbery 39
Burglary 41
Ingresses and Egresses 41
Employee Access Levels 43
Product Access and Storage 43
Cash Storage 44
Compliance with Section 1300.365, Agents and Identification Cards 44
Key Issuance Procedure 45
Access Codes 46
Computer Access 46
Key Return and Access Termination Procedure 47
Closing Procedure 48
Procedures for Product Transfers in/out of Building 48
Training 49
Closure Hours (Measure 3, Item 3 of 4) 50
Cannabis Visibility (Measure 3, Item 4 of 4) 51
Transportation of Cannabis – 25 pts (Measure 4, Item 1 of 1) 51
Appendices 55
APPENDIX A – Loss Report Form 55
APPENDIX B – Visitor Access Log 56
APPENDIX C – Security Access Log 57
APPENDIX D – Key/Key Card User Agreement 58
APPENDIX E – Network/Computing Resources User Agreement 59
APPENDIX F – Security Transfer Log 62

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